- Achievements and coming changes.

Dear friends and investors! We have great news for you! We have been working hard to improve our service and are ready to present our achievements to your judgment:

  1. Completely changed the design of the site, now it is one of the best on the market in terms of convenience and navigation and also looks great on mobile devices.
  2. Introduced internal exchange - you can change money in your account (dollars to rubles, crypt to dollars, etc., in any direction). All for your convenience.
  3. Introduced internal transfers - the ability to transfer money from one account to another without commission.
  4. Made it possible in the settings to choose which payment system you want to receive career bonuses and monthly bonuses.
  5. You have added a financial calculator for each investment plan to the "investor" section, so you can remove the extra fuzz from your device.
  6. Reduced insurance for investment plans.
  7. Now, getting a career award will be assigned a status from L1 to L20, so do not forget to monitor your status.
  8. We have made the calculation of the main, second main and side branches with the 1 line along the 7 line.
  9. Increased the percentage of calculation for career since the second level.
  10. Added for convenience of the table in rubles.
  11. By closing certain career ranks, you will receive not only monetary rewards, but also valuable prizes from the company. Among them are telephones, laptops and even Auto for the highest qualifications!
  12. Improved referral section, now your partners will feel comfortable more than ever!
  13. Added a progress bar indicator to reach the next rank.
  14. In the referral tree, they made it so that it displayed in what currency your referral invested, what rank he had and, when you click on your referral, his team now shows. Managing referrals has never been so easy.
  15. Added the ability to recover a password, do not forget to add an email to your account.

However, this is not all the news!

In the near future we can expect:

  1. The ability to change the details in your account using your payment password.
  2. The ability to change the password in the settings in your account.
  3. Ability to disable email notifications.
  4. The ability to search for referrals in the referral tree.
  5. Add a video training section in your account, where there will be training material and webinars from the company. Now all information will be structured for you and your referrals.
  6. Add the ability to register new partners through your personal account. All for the convenience of you and your partners.
  7. Add the ability to replenish through Qiwi and Yandex.
  8. Add a video review section where video reviews from our partners and investors will be posted. Moreover, incredible prizes are waiting for you for the best review! Follow the announcements!
  9. We integrate a smart contract under a cryptocurrency loan.

Do you think we did a good job? Share your thoughts :)

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