MinEconomy.io - Limits on trust management plans for 25000 $.

Holding Mineconomy It becomes more and more popular and more and more participants from all over the world are joining the collaboration with us. Passive earnings on cryptocurrencies are becoming more attractive for the public and this is a completely natural process - each of you wants to keep up with the times and not lose the opportunity to earn a high and stable income. This explains the active attention of investors to our company, but in our work we cannot fail to take into account market conditions, which are currently unfavorable for trade. Mining cryptocurrency in a falling market becomes less profitable, so the company’s management Mineconomy decided to impose certain restrictions on deposits accepted in the trust management.

The next trading period is ending and, after consulting with traders, it was decided to introduce limit for the next trading period in the amount of 25000 $. In the present conditions, we cannot accept the management of the amount that is more indicated, and we ask our customers to treat this innovation with understanding. Further, the limits may be changed, since the cryptocurrency market is very dynamic and, it is likely that the situation may change.

We remind our investors that in addition to the transfer to trust management, you can use the purchase of mining equipment. These tariffs will work as usual without any changes. Stay with Mineconomy and earn progressive technology in the long term!

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