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Registration with AdvCash

Advanced Cash is a universal, electronic payment system that was created in 2014 year. Here, any Internet user is able to register a wallet for free for the profitable exchange of various currencies and carrying out the necessary transactions throughout the planet.

AdvCash is an offshore payment system, of which MasterCard is a priority employee. Any user has the right to order and receive an offshore card, which provides an opportunity not only to make purchases, but also to cash out money at any ATM of the planet.

How to register?

The registration process is quite simple, so it does not take much time. After its termination, the user gets the opportunity to replenish the account and make or accept various payments. If you intend to conduct transactions for significant amounts of money or order a card, then you need to go through the verification procedure. Otherwise, you will be limited to the monthly limit of 2500 dollars.

The verification process consists of three stages:

  • Proof of your identity. Choose from a scan of your passport or driver's license.
  • Confirmation of residential address. Download the scan page from your passport with a registration.
  • Verification of mobile phone number. Verification of the number by means of SMS messages.

Advantages of the payment system

  • Simple and fast registration, taking no more than three minutes.
  • The intuitive interface.
  • You can perform the necessary operations immediately after registration.
  • The user has four wallets: in dollars, euros, Russian rubles, British pounds sterling.
  • There is no commission for any operations within the system. This makes it possible to minimize expenses and to manage savings as much as possible.
  • Ludicrous commission for transferring funds to other popular payment systems and plastic bank cards.
  • Excellent security system eliminates the possibility of unauthorized entry into the personal account of intruders. To provide additional protection, the user has the right to connect two-step authorization.
  • Convenient procedure for depositing and withdrawing funds to plastic cards of various banks, the most popular e-wallets and various exchangers.
  • Thanks to the popularity of the service all over the planet, most of the various projects and resources cooperate with it. Users of the system are able to make investments in investment sites, pay for goods and services, receive money transfers from anywhere in the world.
  • The possibility of obtaining at the ATM money in the necessary currency due to the conversion, which is especially convenient when traveling.

Important: after completing the registration process, carefully read the rules of the payment system. If you order an AdvCash card in the first week after registration, then its cost will be 4,99 $. Subsequently, the price will increase to 14,99 $. Rules may change.

Replenishment of the wallet

The system provides for replenishment without commission in dollars (SWIFT-transfer), in euros (SEPA).

The following commission is charged for replenishment using electronic money:

  • BTC - 0%.
  • OkPay - 0%.
  • Perfect Money - 1%.
  • Paxum - 1,5%
  • eCoin - 2%.
  • WebMoney - 3%.
  • Payeer - 3,9%
  • Yandek Money - 4,95%.

The most relevant information is presented on the official website of the payment system in the "Tariffs" section.

Order and Activate AdvCash Card

  • To order a card, the user must go to a special section in his account and fill out a standard form. In the column "address of the recipient" it is not necessary that the data coincide with that specified earlier, during registration. The user has the right to choose the most convenient address for him.
  • In order for the application to be accepted for processing, the account must contain at least 4,99 $ or 14,99 $, as mentioned above.
  • After receiving the card, it is necessary to carry out the activation procedure. Enter its sixteen-digit number in the appropriate field. If you did everything correctly, then its color on the site will change from green to yellow.
  • Now you need to get a PIN. Call the operator and enter the sixteen-digit card number and your date of birth in the following 10011990 format (10 January 1990 of the year). After these manipulations, carefully listen to your own PIN. If you do not have time to memorize or write down, then simply press "1" and it will be repeated again.

Now the card is activated. Enjoy and have fun.


Any user has the right to receive additional income from attracting new people. To do this, you need to find a referral link in your personal account and provide it for registration to potential participants of the payment system. Your reward will be 20% of their commissions.

Reviews about the payment system

If you examine the reviews on the top thematic forums, you can understand that the lion’s share is positive. Many praise the payment system for its simplicity, reliability and reasonable commission.

Despite the fact that the system is relatively young, it was able to prove itself exclusively from the positive side and is now very popular throughout the world. Many leading projects of both domestic and foreign markets actively cooperate with it, which is a huge advantage for users (there is no need to create many wallets in different systems, just one in AdvCash).

Many experts, assessing the potential of the AdvCash payment system, predict a grand future for it.

Registration with AdvCash

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  1. NikitaPuchkin2000
    17.06.2020 12:29
    Thank you for the article. Never used and do not plan
  2. matrix2000
    22.06.2019 11:21
    Vopsche did not hear about it, well, and as I understand it is not very popular
  3. Alex52
    15.01.2019 23:59
    it is a pity that does not work with HYIPs
    1. MrFox
      31.03.2019 22:02
      Already, yes, I used it before, but now I had to switch to Perfect.
      1. 4difeer666
        22.06.2019 12:13
        The same situation, Adva liked it so much, and then this update ....
  4. evkonti
    07.01.2019 01:41
    Very original and unusual payment system. But I love her very much. I wrote a large review post on a technical blog and a couple of videos about her and her map that has already become popular on the web.
    Dollar card-plastic has long received, but alas, in Russia it is not in circulation. But recently we were pleased with the news that the release of the Advancedcash ruble card is being prepared! And this is cool! So we are waiting ... :-))
    1. mirov84
      08.12.2020 14:27
      In general, I registered in it at first, I thought Adva would be added to many projects, but alas, I do not want to deal with her!
  5. Alex2601
    15.12.2018 19:36
    I mainly bind the payer wallet to the HYIPs, as I'm used to, and even more so, the policy of "adva" to HYIPs has changed not for the better.
  6. metasan
    02.08.2018 14:22
    Excellent payment system! Comfortable, stylish, reliable, fast, lack of commission ... many, many advantages, but, alas, due to the refusal of ADVkash to cooperate with investment projects will have to use it much less than we would like.
    1. udimka
      15.12.2018 17:05
      I've already stopped using it. I think that by this decision about the change in policy they in some sense "shot in the leg"
  7. 4difeer666
    02.08.2018 01:33
    Recently, she has a new policy, which will prevent her from being as popular as before, but in any case the EPS does not close, but will only be available for normal projects)))
  8. krenko
    03.07.2018 15:40
    Passed a week ago with peer. not complaining
  9. Reflexs
    25.06.2018 01:44
    Now I will use only this payment system.
    Down with the commission!
  10. 4difeer666
    17.05.2018 21:34
    My very first PS, which I use the most to this day