Elirtex.com - New competition from Elirtex - we give 0.2 BTC for comments.

December is the month of long-awaited holidays and pleasant surprises. And wanting to please our partners at this time of waiting for a miracle, the team Elirtex announces another competition. Get high bonuses for compiling the most positive feedback about our platform on the forums:

• bitcointalk.org;
• mmo4me.com;
• foro-ptc.com;
• mmgp.ru;
• dreamteamoney.com

Conditions of participation:

1. Write real and unique reviews on the forums above in Elirtex threads.
2. Attach a screen or batch confirming the fact of payment or making a deposit.
3. In the comments send a referral link and an original call to action.
4. Record your comments by filling out the Google form at the link: https://goo.gl/forms/nDfhiVTXp8ai4f4K3
5. The more - the better: try to post more reviews in different forums.

When making comments, keep in mind that one proof of your withdrawal or deposit creation is used only once for one forum. In addition, you should alternate your feedback with comments of other participants: placing two reviews in a row from one participant is prohibited.

The three participants who left the greatest number of comments and fulfilled all the conditions at the same time will become the owners of bonuses from the company - total 0,2 BTC. The prize fund is distributed as follows:

1-place - 0.07
2-place - 0,05
3-place - 0.03
4-place - 0,02
5 place - 0,01
6 place - 0,01
7-place - 0,01

The contest will end at 12: 00 UTC 11 December 2018 of the year, after which we will publish the results and transfer the bonuses to the accounts of our winners during 24 hours. Good luck!

Elirtex - it is profitable and interesting with us!

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  1. Lavr
    05.12.2018 16:59
    Not bad! Just how much you need to gather up, just tortured))