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Purchase of equipment for RUB with bank cards.

After connecting bank cards, several people asked for support with a question about the actual replenishment rate. When you replenish rubles with your bank cards, the currency is converted into RUB in USD, respectively, the actual amount of equipment purchased for rubles will be higher (the amount of equipment purchased + conversion fee for Interkassa).

With all the complexity of the question, this is a normal practice. International currency - dollar, buy equipment for national currency (it does not matter, rubles, hryvnia or euro) - you lose on conversion.

You will receive profit in rubles without losing on conversion.

Example: Buying for 68520 RUB z9m, you will receive 1.1% or 753,72 RUB profits every day.

Deposit and instant withdrawal of funds from the balance.

Faced with the problem of the exchange of users of one currency to another through a personal balance. The site Mineconomy is not an exchanger of electronic payment systems.

In order to combat the abuse of exchanges, a ban is imposed on the immediate withdrawal of funds deposited in the event that a client does not have an active deposit in the system. Customers can withdraw affiliate accruals at any time without an active deposit.

I ask you to treat with understanding, the company plans to open an internal exchanger for comfortable and legal exchange of currencies within the system.

Immediate plans of the company Mineconomy.

In the coming days, the possibility of investing with the help of the Advanced Cash payment system will be added. Yes, we are aware of the problems and negative feedback about this payment system in the forums. We will connect indirectly through a reliable Interkassa platform, which significantly reduces the risks of work.

Also, at the end of this week, the next trading period will be completed according to the Trust Management plans. We will consult with traders about the possibility of opening limits for the next trading period. Limits are strictly limited to trade turnover, the market is in decline now and the company cannot accept large sums for this line of plans. Please treat with understanding, purchase of equipment is available at any time.

Right now we are negotiating with several respected media outlets, with the goal of popularizing the company and communicating with the potential audience. After the article in Kommersant, we will publish company releases in several media of federal importance.

We wish you a productive work week. Stay tuned for company news.

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