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Registration in Qiwi

Qiwi is an electronic payment system in which you can register a personal wallet, make various money transfers, pay for purchases and services on the Internet. It was founded back in 2006 year and today has become one of the most popular throughout Russia.

System advantages

  • Convenient and intuitive interface. Even a beginner is able to deal with the service in a few minutes.
  • Reliable security system. The resource provides several ways to protect. The user has the right to choose the most optimal.
  • No commission for popular transactions. The commission is not charged for the payment of goods and services, as well as for replenishment.
  • Convenient entry of funds. A system participant is able to replenish the balance in many different ways.  
  • Payments by SMS. The user is able to carry out transactions using SMS messages, even if there is no GPRS connection.
  • Support innovative technology. The MDS function is a barcode on the phone.
  • Great support. The user is able to set up notification of all transactions by means of SMS messages.


  • The withdrawal fee is 4%.
  • Problems configuring GPRS.
  • Scanty number of ways to withdraw funds.

Registration in the system

Before registering, the user is obliged to familiarize himself with the contract, after which the following manipulations should be performed:

  • Install the Qiwi-Wallet Java application on your device.
  • Select the required item confirming agreement with the rules of the system.
  • To drive in the opened column, the mobile phone number, which will later act as a login every time you log into the service.
  • The system will generate a password that the user must save in a safe place (you can change it).
  • Come up with a PIN code that the user will use to start the system (you can use numbers from 0 to 9).
  • After completing the necessary manipulations, the system registers the user. He gets an account and account number.
  • To start using the services of the system, it is necessary to replenish the virtual account and download the provider configuration.
  • Once a person has made a down payment, he is considered a full member of the system and is able to use any of its services.


The payment system has an excellent security system, but for maximum protection one should not forget about several rules:

  • Secure password. Be sure to create a long password. It can be straightforward, but consist of a large number of characters. Use the phrase or combination of characters you have invented. Most wallets are cracked with a banal brute force. The longer the password, the harder it is to crack.
  • Linking to an email address. Wallet owner email constantly receives relevant information. If someone makes an unauthorized entry, then a new ip-address will be sent to the email box. Also, if your wallet is blocked, then you will unlock it using mail.
  • Keep your wallet data in a safe place. Do not trust operations to your friends or acquaintances. Perform transactions in person. If the intruders manage to hack the device of your loved ones, then they will seize all the information.
  • Do not trust questionable resources. Minimize or completely nullify the installation of additional software from unverified sites. Beware of fake schemes offering money on your wallet. About all promotions and innovations, the system will warn you personally by sending a letter to your email address.

Qiwi Cards

Thanks to the integration of Qiwi and VISA, users received a number of additional features.

A virtual card will help to make purchases in online stores that do not directly work with the system. It functions the same as regular bank cards. Provides additional protection against fraudulent attacks through an additional password, which must be entered during each operation.

If it is necessary to cash money at an ATM, then the user only needs to use Qiwi-plastic. This is a plastic card that is tied to an e-wallet.


The system provides several replenishment options:

  • Cash.
  • Bank cards.
  • Online.
  • Translation system.

Most users prefer to replenish with bank cards. This is the simplest and most economical way, since the overwhelming commission is overwhelmingly equal to 0%.

Withdrawal of funds

The most profitable to use Qiwi-plastic. With its help, the procedure is significantly simplified and there is no commission for services.

The withdrawal to plastic cards of other banks is subject to a commission of 1,6% of the amount.

Money transfer system is a great way to withdraw money. Such financial institutions as ProCredit Bank, Terabank, NBC Bank, LibertyBank carry out such transactions without commission. In collaboration with other organizations, you will have to pay a commission from 1% to 2,6%.

Withdrawals can be made using mobile phone payments, but this is not the most profitable way:

  • Megaphone - 8,5%.
  • MTS - 9,9%.
  • Beeline - 8,95%.
  • Tele2 - 9,9%.


Most reviews of the payment system are positive. Users like the service to work for its reliability, efficiency and intuitive interface. However, on the Internet you can also find negative reviews that complain about blocking e-wallets. In fairness, it is worth noting that people usually violate the rules of the system with which they meet during registration, for which they are punished. Work honestly and the service will be most supportive to you.

Registration in Qiwi

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  1. AlexanderKudrya8027
    02.12.2020 18:01
    Thank you for the article. I believe that this wallet is not relevant in HYIPs. few people connect it. but very convenient
  2. ptachblr
    01.12.2020 13:08
    The most frostbitten service they have. After numerous attempts to complete identification, after payment, I was refused this procedure. Wouldn't recommend.
    1. BandiCD
      01.12.2020 14:14
      Everything went like clockwork for me, no difficulties.
      1. AlexanderKudrya8027
        02.12.2020 17:59
        now they have done a convenient verification, not like before.
  3. delix
    15.06.2020 11:59
    Thanks for the article. I often use a qiwi wallet.
  4. NikitaPuchkin2000
    13.06.2020 10:57
    Thank you for the article. I used to use this wallet now only pm and peer
  5. matrix2000
    22.06.2019 11:19
    Personally, I don’t like this wallet with verification
    1. Nightmare
      06.08.2019 15:57
      and what's so complicated? Here in PM a real hemorrhagic
  6. MrFox
    31.03.2019 22:05
    РќРµ РїРѕР »СЊР · СѓСЋСЃСЊСЊРґР ° R °RЅS С ‡ РЁС ‚есть СЃРІРѕР№ потреР± Штел СЊ Рё Сѓ него.
  7. evkonti
    07.01.2019 01:49
    A serious bank, cleverly arranged and quite reliable for various payment transactions. I love QIWI WALLET and dedicated my post to him on those. blog, as well as recorded the author's video, which is held in the top of YouTube for quite a long time. The number of comments under the video is huge. Well, that's nice. So we knowingly tried.
    I have a professional account for a long time. working on the network to others, it should not be in principle.
    It's nice that this payment bank is constantly evolving and improving, produces a large number of different cards.
  8. Alex2601
    15.12.2018 19:25
    Qiwi is the second of the electronic wallets after Yandex Money, which I registered, convenient and easy to use, there are often promotions for interest-free replenishment from bank cards.
  9. udimka
    15.12.2018 17:09
    I personally did not even get acquainted with this wallet, it is not so popular and the perfect money is quite enough for me
  10. alhom
    03.08.2018 01:29
    I have been working with qiwi for quite some time, I can’t say anything bad. There were a couple of cases of blocking the wallet, but issues were resolved within 24 hours. It is a pity that qiwi does not work as closely with HYIP projects as it would like. Hope this is temporary.