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Sophia With You review and feedback

Sophia With You

Project characteristics

Address: Title: scam
Start Date: 01.12.2018 Added to blog: 02.12.2018
Have worked: 26 days Monitor: 25 days
Yield: from 3% per day Our contribution: 300$
Ref. program: 9%-3%-2%-1%-0.5%-0.5%-0.5% Insurance: 300$
Min contribution: 10$ Deposit Bonus: 5%
Min conclusion: 1$ Protection: Ddos + Ssl
payment type: instant Payments: tooltiptooltiptooltiptooltiptooltiptooltip
Our informer
The project stopped payments (scam 04.01.2019). Fund amount - 300 $. Order compensation.

About us

The future has already come ... What previously seemed impossible - now everyone has ... I am the quintessence of high technologies. I am an artificial intelligence ... The tremendous success of introducing my system into medicine, industry, science and education, allowed me to invest. It is time to open access to progress - for everyone. Hanson Robotics company specialists taught me how to manage capital in any currency, and then uploaded my shell to the network. I am everywhere ... In every device ... My network uses a huge number of servers around the world, which allows me to accurately predict the financial market. I know the outcome of each investment. My neural networks calculate every transaction, covering all economic and political news. After loading my shell into the network, my abilities became open to everyone. With my help, you can achieve financial freedom. You can only do what you really want. Enough to activate me.

Trend telegram bots back. As we know, such projects were very fashionable and popular in the past and the industry still remembers the giants Lara with me и Trinitythat brought cosmic returns. Sophia With You similar to these giants in their idea and marketing, so this fact alone should draw attention to the project. You can see a good site preparation, high-quality video, marketing has the right to life, we advise you to come with us, if we succeed, we will be among the first to go to breakeven and will receive a net profit. A tasty affiliate program should attract partners and contribute to the dissemination of the project. We always adhere to the rules of diversification, do not deprive the entire amount, distribute it to projects and leave it on to a new one, which may be about to appear. Successful and profitable investment! Direct link to Telegram-Bot.

Project marketing

3% Perpetual
  • Percentage yield: 3% per day
  • Accrual of interest: calendar days
  • Term of the deposit: in perpetuity
  • Deposit Amount: from $ 10
  • Return of deposit: included in charges
  • Profit per month: 90%

You can order refbek for a project with a domain name at the rate of 5% from your contribution and, thereby, increasing your income. To order a bonus from a deposit, go to the page: order refbek and fill out the form.

Video review of the project Sophia With You

We recorded a video review, which we recommend you familiarize yourself with. Subscribe to our Youtube channel, leave comments and like the video!

Instructions for working with the project Sophia With You

About Sophia With You

Welcome, dear partners! We invite you to familiarize yourself with a new well-prepared highly profitable HYIP project based on the telegram messenger - Sophia With You. A creative and modern project with instant payments.

Investment Project Monitoring  has prepared for you a detailed text review of a high-yield project called Sophia With You.

Hanson Robotics has developed the artificial intelligence Sophia With You to trade on the markets and exchanges with any currency, study news bursts and react to them during it. Thus, anyone can access the trust management of funds by activating the bot.

For HYIP projects based on the messenger telegram legend is a common and already familiar Internet investor.
Sophia With You website uses a self-written script, SSL certificate, unique design, individual content.

The design of the project is made in the form of a one-page with the presentation of the bot telegrams, it looks modern and creative.

Sophia With You marketing site belongs to the category of high-yield HYIP project with a large percentage and at the same time with indefinite plans. This makes the site an attractive Internet investor for a quick break-even and at the same time working for long-term.

Let us briefly go over the main page of the site and find out what we can learn after the first visit to the Sophia With You website.

  • Investment Offer Sophia With You
  • Information about the company and the work of Sophia With You
  • Video presentation
  • Sophia With You Affiliate Program Information
  • Instructions for working with Sophia With You
  • Yield calculator
  • Advantages of Sophia With You
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • List of billing systems with which the Sophia With You bot works

The Sophia With You affiliate program includes rewards from contributions from your invited partners. Affiliate program is multi-level with different percentage of profitability by levels.

The site Sophia With You, at the time of writing the review, contains two language versions - English and Russian.

If you have any additional questions about the Sophia With You site, we recommend that you refer to the “FAQ” section or contact technical support, the contacts for which are listed on the site.

Project with a domain name protected by loss insurance, in the amount of - 300$

You can also order refback in size 5% from your contribution. To order a refback, go to the page: order refback by HYIP and fill out the form.

Briefly about the main characteristics

We provide you with brief characteristics of the Sophia With You project, which you can watch on our monitoring in a more detailed format: 

  • Address:
  • Project type: Highly profitable;
  • Start Date: 01.12.2018;
  • Yield: 3% per day;
  • Minimum deposit: 10 $;
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: 1 $;
  • Payment type: Instant;
  • Investment offer: 3% per day indefinitely;
  • Payment systems: Perfect money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple;
  • Affiliate program: 1 level - 9%, 2 level - 3%, 3 level - 2%, 4 level - 1%, 5 level - 0.5%, 6 level - 0.5%, 7 level - 0.5%;
  • Language versions of the site: English, Russian;

Investment Offer Sophia With You

Marketing company Sophia With You offers us only one investment plan.

  • Interest rate 3%
  • Daily accruals by calendar day
  • The minimum deposit amount is 10 $.
  • The maximum amount of the deposit is not limited.
  • The deposit works indefinitely
  • The body of the contribution is included in the daily accruals
  • Monthly yield: 90%

The minimum allowable amount for withdrawal is 1 $. The withdrawal fee is not charged. All requests for withdrawal of profits are processed instantly without confirmation by the administrator.

Sophia With You Affiliate Program

The partnership program in the Sophia With You project offers us to receive additional income from deposits by invited investors.

To participate in the affiliate program is enough to activate the bot and get your referral link.

  • 1 level - 9%
  • 2 level - 3%
  • 3 level - 2%
  • 4 level - 1%
  • 5 level - 0,5%
  • 6 level - 0,5%
  • 7 level - 0,5%

We remind you that the project from our monitoring highlighted insurance in the amount of 300$. Thanks to which investment in the project will be even safer.

Do not forget to order a bonus from us in the amount of 5% from your contribution. To order a refback, go to the page: order refback by HYIP and fill out the form.

Sophia With You review personal opinion

The project from the series of telegram bots with a name very similar to the well-known top-end similar project that worked before. There is a possibility that the same admin and game can be very profitable and dynamic. Admin development started very briskly, a lot of resources were attracted with good traffic, there should be a good return.

Marketing project corresponds to a highly profitable HYIP, but it is designed for a long game. Do not forget that due to the refback from monitoring You can significantly increase your income, and quickly go to no loss on the deposit.

The affiliate program is multi-layered and generous; active partners will quite like it.

Sophia With You reviews from other sources

At the time of this review, Sophia With You is online all day 2. The site started up quite briskly and immediately appeared on many Internet resources.

At the MMGP forum, the project was usually accepted as a telegram bot. There are statements of payments and contributions confirming the solvency of the project. There were no violations of the regulations, the project on all monitors has the status Paying.

Several well-known bloggers have already joined the development of the Sophia With You platform, as well as several monitors. There are statements of payments and deposits confirming the solvency of the project. No violations of the regulations were noticed, the project has the Paying status on all monitors.

There are already several video reviews of the Sophia With You site on the YouTube video portal, all made with positive reviews.

Risk reminder

Investing is always risky. It is very important to always remember and understand this. The above company is no exception, so it will not be out of place to remind you of the main investment rules:

  • Diversify your cash. Simply put, do not invest the entire amount in one project.
  • The higher the percentage of return, the greater the risk. Do not forget to withdraw funds from the project immediately after accrual.
  • Before investing, check the status of the project.
  • Do not invest borrowed money.
  • Get ready to lose money and participate in free money.
Our profit schedule
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News of the project

The project stopped payments (scam 04.01.2019). Fund amount - 300 $. Order compensation.

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  2. solarscream
    07.01.2019 05:15
    Minus this project, why are you sitting?
  3. Vaaha
    06.01.2019 21:30
    Wow !!! Losses covered by 100% - pleasantly surprised smile
    Thanks for the insurance wink

  4. 4difeer666
    06.01.2019 12:43
    01.06.19 06: 48 Account Receive + 8.12 Received Payment 8.12 USD from account U16414757 to account U18183296. Batch: 241837060. Memo: API Payment. Compensation from Thanks for the insurance
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    06.01.2019 12:16
    Thank you for the insurance.
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  7. solarscream
    06.01.2019 10:13
    Insurance received (100,49%):

    Thanks to Rich for 0,49% net profit in the end :)
  8. evkonti
    06.01.2019 00:56
    I doubled the invested amount in Sonia-bot, because I made a small contribution and built myself a structure. The truth of the 47 registered partners, only three were active. Due refki and got out in profit.
    In general, it is a pity, of course, that everything ended so quickly in this way and without starting!
    And I rolled my lip, I thought that for a month and a half or two she would at least work ... but alas, it did not come true. :-(
    1. Alex2601
      06.01.2019 10:35
      Hello! Do you invite partners using your YouTube channel or blog or something else, will you share the info?
  9. Lavr
    05.01.2019 10:22
    It seems that before Christmas, the admin wanted to bring everything out.) And since the project was predictable, though I thought it would last a month, it seems that the strong enough was not enough ...
  10. IvanUstinow
    04.01.2019 21:55
    Yes, the circle could not be completed, although it was included at the beginning. Much depends on the admin project, if desired, the project could unleash

    100% SCAM, the admin of the project even changed the name of the telegram-chat from "Sofia" to "Investment Almonah", apparently he wants to stir up a new hype.

    Good thing there is insurance from Richmonkey.