- Summing up the results of the first round of the "Profitable Marathon" competition.

Dear customers and participants of the competition,

Today we solemnly sum up the first round of the contest "Profitable Marathon"which took place over eight weeks, from September 02 to November 27.

The cash prizes were distributed among the top ten leaders of the standings, who were as accurate as possible in their forecasts for calculating the total daily profit for all investment packages. Dominant finance.

We remind you that the standings from the first to the last day of the competition was freely available on our website.

Every client and partner Dominant finance could daily watch the standings and fight for the victory, using the tab "Contests"in your Dominant Finance account.

So, we sincerely congratulate the winners of the first round of the "Profitable Marathon" contest:

  • 1 place: Congratulations to Igor Korobkin (NewSvatt) on receiving 300 USD!
  • 2 place: Congratulations to Irina Uvarova (Rushka) on receiving 150 USD!
  • 3 place: Congratulations to Nikolay Sos (Dobryachoknn) on receiving 120 USD!
  •  4 place: Congratulations to Laura (keni) on receiving 100 USD!
  • 5 place: Congratulations to Max Netter (EarnWithMaxNet) on receiving 80 USD!
  •  6 place: Congratulations to Olga Kinart (okina) on receiving 70 USD!
  • 7 place: Congratulations to Oksy Miss (DFoksymiss) on receiving 60 USD!
  •  8 place: Congratulations to Danil Comp (DFstarDC) on receiving 50 USD!
  •  9 place: Congratulations to Alex Double (Double17) on receiving 40 USD!
  • 10 place: Congratulations to Oleg Larionov (LaMoney) on receiving 30 USD!

Please write to all winners on e-mail: and report the currency in which you prefer to collect your prize. The company within 24 hours will make a calculation with you.

We thank all participants and winners of our second competition. It was really reckless and profitable.

Regards, Marketing Department DF

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