Creating HYIP, issue price

Surely many users who have ever encountered a HYIP, wondered about the cost of such investment projects. Whether the ordinary man in the street is able to open such a platform or is this only possible for materially wealthy people.

Immediately make a reservation that the cost of such projects is different and depends on many factors. Highlight the main and most costly ones:

  • Design.
  • Scripts.
  • Hosting.

Let us examine each factor in more detail.

HYIP Design

This is the most expensive part. Presentable appearance will help the investment project to attract the attention of users, who, in turn, will thank the owner of specie.

Work as a designer has always been valued highly enough. Since the demand for intelligent specialists in the HYIP segment is great, and the supply remains at a compact level, the cost of such a service starts from 500 $.


Overwhelmingly, two types of scripts are used in HYIPs: “GoldCodders” and “H-script”. Their cost cannot be called critical, since with possible revisions it varies in the 200 $ area.

There are plenty of other offers on the market, but their cost is significantly overestimated in the absence of even basic functionality, therefore, analogs are not particularly popular. Some administrators recycle them slightly and use them as “unique” scripts.


This is the most important part of any HYIP. Your investment project must be reliably protected from intruders and the impact of malicious programs. To do this without reliable hosting is not possible.

Reviews about HYIPs indicate that the leader of the industry in this area is the company “DDoS-Guard”. It provides quality services at a reasonable price. The minimum cost of a fully functioning service with round-the-clock support is 150 $.

Final price

If we add up all the factors, we get 1000-1200 $. Such is the cost of a simple investment project. In order for users to start investing money in it, you need to properly conduct a marketing policy that implies additional costs.

How to find HYIPs that pay?

To find HYIP projects that pay, it’s best to analyze them. on HYIP monitoring. Pay attention to admin comments and reviews about hype. There are many ways to identify unscrupulous investment projects. For example, HYIPs with ridiculous design and “left” hosting are unlikely to linger for a long time. Most likely, their main goal is to extract potential hard-earned funds from potential investors and announce scam.

Identify questionable projects designed honest monitoring. With its help, a rating of TOP projects is formed on our website.

The administrator makes small contributions and independently monitors the work of the funds. Monitoring hyip projects will allow users to make the right choice and significantly increase their own funds.

We offer exclusively rating sites for investment. In the top are the best new HYIP projects that consistently pay dividends. The user can quickly make high profits or minimize risks in the medium run. Monitoring paying hipov allows investors to make the right choice.

Investing in HYIP projects is a risky business. Reckless investment of funds can lead to their complete loss. The best monitoring that will save you from wrong actions is available on our website. Invest and earn !!!

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  1. AlexanderKudrya8027
    25.12.2020 19:14
    Thank you for the article. I think that HYIPs with good preparation can also last, this is how lucky
  2. Robin2020
    22.07.2020 16:55
    There is still a lot to learn, thanks for the article!
  3. Nightmare
    06.08.2019 15:53
    What is the average earnings of admins?
  4. matrix2000
    06.08.2019 03:39
    Investing in the right hype is like an art)
  5. udimka
    08.12.2018 02:43
    The most difficult thing for me is the proper promotion of your project on advertising sites. To create a big deal is trivial, but to get people interested is quite another.
  6. Nekxnumxtt
    20.09.2018 15:52
    Investing in HYIPs is one thing, and creating your own HYIP is a completely different matter.
  7. metasan
    15.08.2018 14:18
    Of course. And you need to turn it on immediately with a responsible approach.
    1. 4difeer666
      15.08.2018 17:41
      You just stuff it with your work, and not with beautiful designs and scripts, of course it should not be the design of a regular doubler, but you shouldn’t bother
  8. metasan
    12.08.2018 10:55
    With proper training and financial capabilities, you can get a HYIP platform. But here everything must be carefully thought out, every aspect, every little thing, that not everyone thinks by reason. On the shoulders should be a cauldron, not a pan.
    1. 4difeer666
      12.08.2018 12:43
      Yes, you can even just buy a programmer, and the site itself, let it sit is engaged)))))), and yes, if you want a beautiful site, just buy it, too little ....
      1. metasan
        12.08.2018 19:12
        With this approach you will not go far. Well, if in the end you go to zero on the cost of everything. Even high-quality sites are not so easy to make work, but here it’s ready to buy and lie on the stove ... No.
        1. 4difeer666
          12.08.2018 21:34
          Well, for quite lazy, there are already ready-made sites, just change the name))) and the merchant is not difficult
          1. metasan
            15.08.2018 12:08
            It is clear that there is, but such consumer goods do not bring much income, it is not serious.
            1. 4difeer666
              15.08.2018 12:26
              Well, at first, in any case, you will not get a lot of profit, only if you have some kind of reputation.
  9. Alex2601
    20.05.2018 21:07
    I also think that this is the best monitoring of HYIPs on the Internet and I hope it will work for a long time!
    1. metasan
      15.08.2018 12:10
      The crowned alpha rich man will process all, be sure. sunglasses
      1. 4difeer666
        15.08.2018 13:22
        I agree, we will catch up and overtake, although we don’t need it especially, other large monitors