What are the admins HYIP?

Many users who invest in HYIP projects think that all administrators are people who extort money from the pockets of trusting investors and at the right moment take the cash register to themselves.

This is not entirely true. Of course, most admins do not have a crystal clear reputation, otherwise the projects would not be scorched in such numbers. But on the Internet there are enough representatives of the HYIP segment, who value their own name.
There are three groups of administrators:

  • Newbies.
  • Experienced administrators.
  • Scammers.


This category includes users who have no experience in the HYIP industry and have heard of such investment projects only superficially. But the thought does not leave them that if they launch their own offspring, then it will immediately bring them fabulous profits. Most of them create a variety of resources, but, disappointed, leave this market segment.

Experienced administrators

There are dozens of such admins, if not one. Each of their new project investors are waiting with great impatience. Administrators with experience try to create the most transparent and comfortable conditions for the functioning of their own HYIP, because they understand that such an approach will bring them substantial profits in the future. They honor their commitments to the very end and delay the moment of scam as much as possible. For an experienced admin, the main thing is reputation.


In reviews about HYIPs, such admins are called scammers and swindlers. There is a deal of truth in it. Projects of such people do not differ in innovative design. Script and hosting are free. Such HYIPs are created to collect money as quickly as possible and disappear. Their life expectancy does not exceed several days, and some, even hours.

They are designed exclusively for green newcomers, as more observant and experienced investors will not trust such "dummies".

How to find HYIPs that are paid by experienced admins?

To find HYIP projects that pay, it is better to go into monitoring and carefully study the proposals, after reading reviews and comments from contributors.

After all, finding an honest administrator who presents a profitable project on their own is not so easy.

Honest monitoring, which forms the rating of TOP HYIP projects, will help to identify unclean investment sites. It is constantly updated and offers investors the most current information.

The staff of our site make small contributions and independently monitor the work of the funds. We monitor the Hyip projects and determine the most attractive for investment.

We give special attention to resources from administrators who in practice have earned themselves an excellent reputation. On our site they are always in sight.

Нyip monitor displays the best new HYIP projects from the most experienced and proven administrators in the top ranking.

The user has the right to choose what to give preference: high yield or stability. Monitoring paying HYIPs is designed to minimize financial losses and help make the right choice.

Before making investments in the first available resource, you need to carefully analyze it. On our On this site you will find the best HYIP monitor, which will save you from unplanned financial losses and wasted time.

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  1. Robin2020
    06.08.2020 19:28
    Thank you for the article! More decent admins and good projects.
  2. metasan
    02.08.2018 21:33
    Nothing extra is said. All of the case. There are many good projects, but the same admins, and this is the most important thing, the cat cried, unfortunately. I wish that in the future there would be less greedy admins, sudden scams and more productive work. Then the depositors will catch up. Thanks for the article. sunglasses
  3. BoB4uK1908
    03.06.2018 21:35
    I know from experience that newbies sometimes work better than experienced administrators, but, unfortunately, not always!
    1. udimka
      10.12.2018 03:16
      I think this may be due to the fact that a newbie will not enter much at once, but if he is set to work and will do everything correctly, then the work will be top-notch. Just when the admin is already experienced, they often begin to talk about this, respectively, and the investments at the start are much more than those of newbies.
  4. Alex2601
    27.05.2018 17:19
    I think over time on this monitoring there will be more HYIPs from admins who showed a good result!
  5. Nekxnumxtt
    16.05.2018 15:39
    Yeah ... There are quite a few experienced admins, and it is difficult to find them ((