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Place #1 - 728x90 announces a new investor survey! Everyone is involved!

27.09.2018 1 424 33 Announces New Investor Survey! Everyone is involved!

You know from past competition that we are planning to create a new fair game. Its goal is to unite people who want to have fun and with passion for time, while making a profit. Our gaming system involves two game branches: games between teams and games between the individual and the system. The winner will be selected depending on the skills and luck of the teams or randomly.

An example of games that can be added to the platform:

  • rock Paper Scissors
  • fool or other card games
  • shell (you need to find a hidden ball of three)
  • kamikaze
  • Russian roulette (the player should not get a bullet from a revolver loaded with one bullet)
  • dominoes / checkers / chess

The system will not give preference to any one player. Check it will be possible through a special controller honesty.

Now you understand the packaging of our project! Very few people have responded to the last contest, which is why we are doing this survey. We would like to get the maximum feedback!

Is it worth doing a similar project? Vote below and do not forget to answer your opinion in the comments!

To make it easier for you to formulate your thoughts, we have prepared a number of questions for you:

  • Do you think this project will be popular?
  • What analogs of similar projects do you know?
  • Will you participate in it as a regular user? Justify your answer! :)
  • What games should be added to the project?
  • What deposit methods would you like to see?

Do not forget to chant your voices and write comments!

Your opinion on the creation of a gaming site?

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  1. And you would not want to create your own investment project, screwing it right here on your website? Some guys are already doing this. And they are doing well.
    Just make it work for a very long time ... like, for example, a super piggy bank and its counterpart — WiseDeposit, like a financial pyramid — the whole world.
    Think of my idea ..
  2. 25091981,
    If the Refback Request is filled out, then nothing else is needed.
    There is only an application for Refback and an application for compensation at Scam.
  3. A game site could have been done. For example, the card game is “a thousand.” I would play because I used to like to play it. And we played live, as there were no computers at that time. I would like your account replenishment methods Yandex money and bank card. Thank you.
  4. Hello. I would like you to make a roulette on the type of Xommunity fast.
    If you have heard of such a course.
    Take from there several modes: slots, x50, crash and double
    The minimum withdrawal amount from 100 rubles
    Actually, I would be interested to see such a project. Waiting for your reply ;)
  5. The idea is interesting, but there are a lot of gaming sites where everyone looks. For interest - the game should be completely new, to attract more players. Where to get this))
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