- The First Crazy Percentage Contest Started!

Hello, dear partners Dominant finance.

Fast and dynamic competition "Crazy percentage"Lasts just 2 week.

The prize fund 300 USD!

  • 1 place - 100 USD
  • 2 place - 80 USD
  • 3 place - 60 USD
  • 4 place - 40 USD
  • 5 place - 20 USD

Terms of a tender

Predict the daily percentage of charges on the DOMINANT package so that after the next two weeks your forecast will be as close as possible to the real percentage of the return on the package, and receive a prize from 20 to 100 USD to your transit account in the company.

  • Duration of one round of competition: 2 week (from 19.09.2018 to 02.10.2018)
  • Only owners of the DOMINANT investment package take part in the competition.

To start participating in the contest, enter private office, further in the section "Contests ›› Crazy Percentage". Leave your forecast for the percentage of return on the DOMINANT package daily from 19.09.2018 to 02.10.2018. To make more accurate forecasts, analyze the daily schedule of charges for the DOMINANT package on the page Details of the Dominant Package.

Every day you should have time to make a forecast before the onset of 18: 00 (GMT + 3), since exactly at this time there is another charge and the position is closed. Each vote is automatically taken into account by the system, the winners will be published 24.09.2018

Go to "Promotions and Contests"and read the details.

Happy earning with Dominant finance!

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  1. Nekxnumxtt
    22.09.2018 16:25
    HYIP contests are another way to make money.