- Weekly release with 06-13.09.2018.

The results of the start of the company COIN TERMINAL INC. Good start and platform for our investors.

Statistics and figures:

  • Total working capital - 65,241
  • Purchased current assets - 61,737
  • Registered users - 1180
  • Disbursed funds from the system - 15801
  • Paid partnerships - 4214

Work on the site:

During this period of time, work was also carried out on the site. As the general work showed, there were no problems, the site works stably.

Some updates were made.

  • 1. Installed and connected information bot @CoinTerminalbot
  • 2. Improved the protection of the site.
  • 3. They opened the statistics of TOP 3 partners.
  • 4. Finished the page with reviews and reviews.
  • 5. Improved stability of the site.

Conclusions and thoughts:

Summing up the week, we can see that the company is developing at an excellent pace and is ready to work with those who want to cooperate with us. Full and open statistics do not leave indifferent all our partners and competitors. The development of the site itself, as you yourself noticed, is only at a high-quality and high level, our specialists do not do anything superfluous and incomprehensible for work.

Great results are shown by our leaders and partners. We can only say one thing and probably it has already been fixed in the hearts of our supporters that: Rich to be fashionable! Rich to be good! You can only become rich with COIN TERMINAL INC.

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