Ico-London.com - BOUNTY Program.

Dear partners, in the framework of the advertising campaign our project ico-london.com within the program BOUNTY spreads generous BONUSES, such as:

FACEBOOK. Post a company in your Facebook account. Award - 0,0003 BTC for each post.

TWITTER. Post a company in your Twitter profile. The amount of remuneration is 0,0002 BTC for each position.

TELEGRAM. Make a message in your telegram or provide information about our company.

YOUTUBE. Make a detailed review of the video about the company on your channel YOUTUBE. 0,003 BTC award for each video.

More information you can find here: https://ico-london.com/bounty

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  1. alhom
    02.08.2018 21:32
    Very nice moment!
    Because of such ideas, it seems to me that investors prefer to work with one company or another.