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Place #1 - 728x90

We announce a set of editors on the blog

25.07.2018 691 4

Friends! Blog announces a set of editors to the site.

What do we want to see from the editor?

  • The desire to share your thoughts, put forward proposals.
  • The desire to write analytical articles and reviews.
  • It is good to navigate in the topics of HYIP, cryptocurrency and other earnings on the Internet.
  • Do you have experience writing articles, throw off your examples.
  • You know, or at least heard about such top projects in the past as Razzleton, PaytUP, LaraWith, Project Dobro, Laser, Bitcy, etc.

What can we give you?

  • Timely payment.
  • Bonuses for offers.
  • Participation in the competition best editor.

All resumes throws mail:
Resume form is arbitrary, but please indicate the name, age, experience in HYIP, Webwise and why we need to work with you?

Request: If you are new to HYIPs - do not waste your and our time.

PS We don’t wait for editors to find people who are not ready to learn, are not ready to take the initiative, and are not sure that they are interested in topics at all.

With us you can turn your ideas into reality!

Regards, blog

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