- Review and reviews of the cryptocurrency exchange without mandatory verification - Review and reviews of the cryptocurrency exchange without mandatory verification

Cryptus Exchange bybit rapidly gaining momentum gradually ahead of its competitors. In addition to classic trading, there is an opportunity to trade with leverage up to x100. The exchange often holds contests in which it distributes tokens and, most importantly, allows its customers to earn extra money.

In this article, we analyze everything you need to know about the cryptocurrency exchange. bybit.

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Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit: advantages and disadvantages

Cryptus Exchange bybit was founded in 2018 and registered in the British Virgin Islands. The company is currently headquartered in Singapore. An interesting point is that this exchange does not accept clients from Singapore, but you can apply for a whitelist and you may be allowed to register.

The main specialization of the exchange is the trading of perpetual derivative contracts for cryptocurrencies. Leverage up to x100 is implemented for some assets. Despite this, there is also a classic spot trading.

bybit - International exchange. Clients from Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia and North America can trade, but US citizens cannot use the services of this exchange.

Let's immediately move on to a number of advantages and disadvantages of a cryptocurrency exchange. bybit.


  • Simple interface. The exchange is convenient and easy to use. It is pleasant to use and easy to learn for beginners. It is worth noting that there is an opportunity to use an advanced charting tool from TradingView;
  • Cross Platform. Cryptocurrency exchange bybit It is available both in the Web version and in mobile applications for Android and iOS. In addition, you can trade using the API;
  • Optional verification. In order to start trading, it is not necessary to pass KYC, which is a kind of significant plus in the current realities;
  • Low fees. The exchange boasts low commissions for making transactions, as well as for withdrawing funds;
  • Security. The security level of the exchange is at a high level due to the cold storage of most of the clients' assets;
  • Educational materials. For beginners and not only the exchange has prepared training materials that will help you start working with the exchange;
  • Contests and giveaways. Another advantage of this exchange is frequent contests and giveaways where you can win currency or tokens.

These are not all the advantages of this exchange. It will take a lot of time to write them all down here.


  • Low liquidity. Due to the fact that the exchange is only gaining its popularity, trading relative to other exchanges is slow.

As you can see, the exchange has a fairly wide range of advantages, which covers small disadvantages.

Reviews on the Internet about the Bybit exchange

What do they write on the network about the stock exchange bybit? Let's figure it out.

In general, the impression of viewing the reviews was positive. Of course, there are also negative reviews, but we believe that they are insignificant.

Personally, our opinion is the following: this exchange is a good alternative Binance after the imposed sanctions against the citizens of the Russian Federation. Let's go to the stock market bybit and we will probably leave a review soon.

Bybit exchange instructions

We have prepared a few instructions for working with the exchange in order to help you start using it faster.

  • Register
  • Where to get wallet addresses
  • How to top up the balance of the exchange using the monitoring exchangers
  • How to withdraw money from Bybit
  • How to trade on Bybit


bybit is a newcomer among cryptocurrency exchanges, but its popularity is rapidly gaining momentum, which is good news.

Do not forget to display small instructions for working with the exchange, which will help you get started faster with it.

In addition to the fact that this exchange has a wide range of advantages, the main thing for citizens of the Russian Federation will be the replacement Binance after the imposed sanctions. bybit does not require mandatory verification and you can trade on the exchange immediately after registration.

Write in the comments: do you trade on Share your impressions with our partners.

We hope this article was helpful to you. All successful and profitable investments!

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Комментарии (17)

  1. keifor 1 December 2022 11: 04

    Yes, I also partially switched to Baybit from Binance and was not disappointed, in fact a copy of bnb with an easy interface

    A complaint
  2. Anzhel 1 December 2022 02: 16

    Great exchange for users

    A complaint
  3. Wael77 15 November 2022 01: 35

    Thanks for the review Admin!

    Learned a lot from you

    A complaint
  4. UdayAS8 9 October 2022 22: 54

    one of the top profiteers from Binance blocking of Russian citizens.. more and more people now are trading here

    A complaint
  5. Lumin 19 September 2022 18: 27

    A good exchange, in my opinion it has excellent prospects. A big plus of this exchange is that it does not require mandatory verification. 

    A complaint
    1. Wael77 15 November 2022 01: 40

      Another great advantage for the site!

      A complaint
  6. Akimskate 11 May 2022 09: 49

    Good exchange, quite similar to binance in interface, especially futures

    A complaint
  7. Kanibek707 9 May 2022 20: 44


    A complaint
  8. 4difeer666 6 May 2022 16: 23

    Thanks for the review. I recently switched from binance to baybit, a cool thing is their launchpads, it is virtually impossible to lose money, but at least a little, but you can earn several times a month

    A complaint
  9. Nik 6 May 2022 10: 47

    Question: How to transfer, for example, Ethereum from Binance to Bybit? Thank you.

    A complaint
    1. richmonkey_support 6 May 2022 11: 39

      Niklike any other coin. In Binance, go to the wallet section, select the crypto you need, click on the "withdraw" button. Then select the network, enter the address to which you will send and that's it

      A complaint
    2. richmonkey 6 May 2022 11: 39

      Cheapest online BSC(BEP20)

      Get your address on the ETH network BSC(BEP20)

      On binance, when withdrawing, enter your address and select the BSC network (BEP20)

      A complaint
      1. Nik 6 May 2022 21: 10

        Thanks to. We will try)

        A complaint
  10. UdayAS8 5 May 2022 23: 41

    Looks good, thanks for the detailed review Richie:)

    A complaint
  11. Mihhha 5 May 2022 23: 08

    Thanks for the Bybit exchange review. I myself have not used it yet, but I am glad that not everyone supports sanctions. We must try to find an alternative. Good luck to all!!!! 

    A complaint
  12. Alex2601 5 May 2022 19: 45

    There are enough advantages compared to many other exchanges, I’ll decide to trade crypto, I’ll definitely sign up!

    A complaint
  13. Managerruslan 5 May 2022 17: 14

    I don’t trade yet, because I played enough with the crypt. But maybe in the future I'll throw 200 bucks

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