Pinocchio in HYIPs and why admins love them

Pinocchio in HYIPs and why admins love them

Why in the HYIP industry you can sometimes hear such a definition as "Buratino" and what does it mean? The topic is not new, but it is not on the blog, and questions periodically appear. In general, let's figure it out.

Definition of a word. Examples of

"Buratino" is a certain type of investor who recklessly invests large sums ignoring recommendations, which makes admins think about the imminent closure of the project.

Here's an example: the average reader of our blog knows that it is not worth investing in tariffs with fabulous percentages, such as, for example, 6500% after 90 days. You and I understand that no one is able to pay such interest, but there are investors who go to such plans, the minimum deposit amount in which can start from $ 10. Hoping to get more coins from the Buratino project, he thinks that this is a great investment opportunity, but this kind of thinking is wrong in the roots. Such plans are created in order to replenish the project's cash desk and pay interest on smaller deposits, or simply take money from you. Simply put, you will be blocked and run out of money.

"Buratino" is the ideal investor for the admin

Why such a title? It's simple. Answer the question yourself: "who will be considered the ideal investor?" It is the investor who will invest a large amount. Firstly, the admin can simply take it for himself. This is usually what many admins do. Secondly, a large amount can be spent on payments. Also, an ideal investor can be considered someone who will constantly reinvest in a project without hesitation in the hope that it will work forever. Naturally, this is not possible. Each project has its own logical or not very end, which is very difficult to predict, but this is a small digression about reinvestments.

Thanks to rash decisions, "Buratin" can sometimes close itself to a good average profitable project. Think for yourself. If one person throws 1-000 $ into a project that was developed for $ 3-000, then does it make sense to continue? Experienced admins know how to work even with perezakidons, but there are a lot of those who will close the project after seeing such an amount in their account.

The following may happen in the administrator's head: "why continue to work, pay deposits, interest, if the project has already paid off and I can create several of these?" In principle, it is logical.

Some administrators try to limit the maximum possible deposit to their project due to limits or set a limit on the number of possible deposits, but this does not always help. They resort to multi-accounts, which also negatively affects the work of the project.

Why do "Buratino" do this? In the form of inexperience and shortsightedness. When they see an easy way to make big money, there is a pleasant sense of profit, so they can invest a substantial enough amount to cut profit.

How not to become "Buratino"

Nobody wants to be deceived, so we advise you to follow these guidelines:

  • do not invest all the money in one project. Especially if you have a large amount;
  • a rare project can digest a large sum. Be sure to consider this point;
  • do not invest borrowed funds. The consequences can be fatal;
  • you can write in a private message and offer favorable conditions for investment, various schemes. Don't get fooled. It does not end with anything good, but it is better to send it immediately to the BAN;
  • do not engage in endless reinvestment. Set for yourself a certain level of profit that you would like to receive from the project and follow your idea. Only within reason and depending on the capabilities of the administrator;
  • if you have any questions, you can always consult with us on contacts. We will always help, tell and explain. Fortunately, experience allows you to advise something.


In this article, we have analyzed in detail such a term as "Buratino" and how not to be. We sincerely hope that they have explained everything in an accessible way, but if you still have any questions, then feel free to ask them in the comments under the article. We want "Buratin" among our readers to be as small as possible.

Invest successfully and profitably with! Happy and profitable investment!

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  1. 3 September 2021 18: 07
    Yes, you can only invest the money with which it will not be very painful to part.
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    thanks for the article, I don't want to be Pinocchio)
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    Thank you for the article!
  4. 2 August 2021 08: 48
    You need to try to adhere to the diversification rule and send in adequate amounts, although I know from myself, sometimes something in my head says so, they say, throw it in a big way, it will give you a ride anyway. This is how I entered the Everkont (if you remember this one) and lost quite a lot for myself. But a lesson for life
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    Thanks for the great article!
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