The best HYIP projects of summer 2020

The best HYIP projects of summer 2020

We offer you to feel nostalgic and remember the projects that brought good profit over the summer of 2020.

We have prepared a rating of the best projects of the summer of 2020 that were present on our blog.


We forgot about this section again and publish it quite late. By the way, it's already summer 2021, and soon it will be necessary to prepare a corresponding heading for future summer projects.

In general, we will try to disassemble and write about all the projects of the 2020-2021 seasons as soon as possible, but for now we offer a list of the best HYIP projects of the summer 2020.

About the selection of the best hype projects

I would like to clarify: by what principle we chose projects for rating.

Projects were selected according to the following criteria:

  • the project should have been on our blog from June to August 2020 inclusive;
  • profitability was taken into account exclusively for completed circles and available tariff plans (excluding marketing piggy banks and indefinite term);
  • places were allocated without taking into account the bonus from our blog;
  • only the summer months were taken into account in the profit calculation.

The best HYIP projects of summer 2020

Directly proceed to the rating of the best HYIP projects of the summer of 2020, which were on our blog.

1) Comex Trades

The first place in our ranking of the best summer projects in 2020 is honorary Comex trades from the "grandfather", who was able to demonstrate the TOP result not only in the specified period, but also throughout the entire duration of the work.

After the rebranding, the project worked with a different tariff, but after a while the current plan was changed to 2.1% per day for 20 days with the return of the deposit at the end of the term. It was with him that he worked in the summer. Since the project worked all summer, it was possible to complete 4 full circles and earn at the same time + 168% net income... Our team invested in total 39 378 $!

Let's not stop expressing our gratitude to the admin for the profit in his projects. Thanks again!

2) Ex Bonds

In second place is a project with a piggy bank functionality called Ex bonds, who worked for only two months, but was able to surprise investors with an excellent result in percentage terms.

The only relevant tariff was the plan that offered to earn 4% daily for 50 days with the return of the deposit at the end of the term, but it was possible to withdraw the deposit ahead of schedule with a penalty of -10%. Despite the fact that the project appeared on the blog after half of the term of its work, it was possible to earn + 110% net income taking into account the penalty for withdrawing a deposit without completing a full circle. The turnover of our structure was 3 482 $!

Thanks to the admin for the profit!

3) Finiko

The third place was taken by a project called finiko, which boasts a long term of work and which, by the way, at the time of this writing, works.

The project allowed and allows you to earn ~ 1% on business days on an unlimited basis with the possibility of withdrawing a deposit upon request. Accordingly, during the summer period it was possible to earn + ~ 65% net profit... At the time of this writing, the turnover of our team is 23 789 $!

Thank you for your good work in the summer and not only!

4) Arbitly

Let's move on to the next project called Arbitly, which had a thoroughly worked out legend of activities, namely, the project was an arbitration platform.

The marketing had a non-standard form, namely, certain subscriptions were available, which made it possible to additionally close orders per day. In general, you could earn a day from 0.5% to 1.5%... After some time, an auto-subscription was introduced for a number of days, which made it possible not to enter the project and not create orders manually. In the summer, the project worked 56 days and during this period it was possible to earn from + 56% to + 84% of net profit... Our team took an active part in the project and during the period of work it was invested 19 660 $!

The project administration was able to demonstrate a good result in the summer and a decent result throughout the life of the project.

5) Cryptonode

Last but not least, the piggy bank project called Cryptonode, which was also able to please with a good profit in the summer.

In the summer, the project on the blog was 58 daysBut 15 of August marketing has changed and the main tariff has become 4% daily for 50 days with the return of the deposit at the end of the term, but it was possible to withdraw the deposit ahead of schedule with a penalty of -10%. You could earn over the summer + 54% net income taking into account the penalty for the conclusion, which we think is quite a good result. Our team has invested $976!

Thanks to the admin for the profit!

Profitability table

For clarity, we decided to create a table in which you can see the projects for which you could make money in the summer of 2020.

PS We have chosen a time period from 01.06.20 to 31.08.20... The number of completed laps is taken into account depending on the selected current tariff plan. Some projects had many plans, so they did not add them to the table. The penalty for withdrawing the body of the deposit in the piggy banks is taken into account.

#ProjectWorked in the summerCompleted circlesNet profit %
1Comex trades92 day4 circles+ 168 %
2Ex bonds30 days-+ 110 %
3finiko92 day-+ ~ 65%
4Arbitly56 days-+ 56-84%
5Cryptonode58 days-+ 54 %


There were not so many projects displayed for the reasons that in summer there were mainly low-income ones, who brought in + 10-20% for the whole summer. They did not display them, but this does not mean that the projects are bad. They will be featured in the best projects of 2020.

We promise to try to update this section more quickly!

Write in the comments: which HYIP project of summer 2020 is the most memorable for you and why.

Thank you for staying with us! We always try to offer the most favorable investment conditions for our partners.

Invest successfully and profitably with! Happy and profitable investment!

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  1. ilya28087 2 July 2021 11: 40

    Last summer I was not on the blog yet, but it is clear that even in the summer there were worthy projects, this year there are also candidates in the person of Zetbul and Stockman, for example)
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    1. Akimskate 15 July 2021 11: 19

      Zetbull is definitely a treadmill, but Stockman is very happy this time too!
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    Eh, it's a pity that summer I was not here
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    Arbitly fed me for half a year)) it was top!
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    Participated only in the first two, but there was a lot of profit. Now Zetbull is becoming a real legend, we are waiting for him to be the leader in the next such article!
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      4difeer666, there is no doubt that he will be there
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