Trading robot "Starbot" as a way to earn money on Forex

Trading robot "Starbot" as a way to earn money on Forex

Financial markets are a good way to make money, but only in skillful and experienced hands. The trading robot "Starbot" will allow you to minimize risks, remove the human factor, and also provide an opportunity for stable earnings.

We will talk with you in this article in more detail about the Starbot trading robot.

Starbot: advantages and disadvantages

Starbot is a multi-currency trading robot designed for trading on financial markets. The robot is presented as an add-on inside the trading terminal. All orders are opened by futures accumulation of volumes for the cluster period. Each order is carefully analyzed and entry points are determined to achieve maximum effect.

We have several blog articles about trading robots that we encourage you to read:

Starbot uses three strategies at once:

  • medium-term orders for protracted movements;
  • grid for building on trend movements;
  • scalping when the market is in a flat.

The robot has several advantages:

  • Profitability. He trades quickly and opens trades as soon as he sees a signal. The program is capable of processing hundreds of transactions per day. Not a single person is able to work and maintain such a pace;
  • Speed. Trading algorithms analyze the situation in a fraction of a second and immediately make a deal. This is important, since price changes are recorded in real time, and on dozens of assets at the same time. In such a volatile market as Forex, a person will not succeed;
  • Accuracy. Human intervention is minimal. This means that the likelihood of errors due to emotions or other human factors is drastically reduced;
  • Greater market coverage. A person can work with several charts at a time, focusing on the main markets. The Starbot trading robot monitors all markets simultaneously.

No flaws were found.

What Starbot can do and what are the job requirements

By purchasing the Starbot trading robot, you get the following:

  • stable monthly income of 10-15%;
  • convenient withdrawal of funds at any time to a card or wallet;
  • free consultation and service 24/7;
  • free updates of sets and Starbot software;
  • the ability to join a private chat in Telegram;
  • software is purchased once and forever;
  • the cost of software is 37 rubles;
  • payment is possible on the card in rubles or USDT;
  • after making a purchase decision, you will be provided with detailed instructions for the necessary actions before installing Starbot.

Separately, we note the skills that Starbot provides:

  • trades on two pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD;
  • analyzes effective signals;
  • opens and closes transactions;
  • manages all open trades;
  • works around the clock.

Actually, let's move on to the requirements for the operation of the Starbot installation:

  • register with Forex4you broker;
  • open an account and create a deposit from $ 100;
  • check: cent;
  • leverage: 1:1000;
  • timeframe: M15;
  • register and purchase a server for forex traders, on which Starbot will be installed;
  • Download the Meta.Trader4 application to your phone to track your trading results.

Instructions for connecting "Starbot"

We provide detailed instructions for connecting Starbot.

  • Registration and opening an account on Forex4you
  • Refill
  • Buying Remote Desktop Access
  • Installing the MetaTrader4 mobile application
  • Installing the RD Client mobile application

Trading robot statistics

Everyone who is interested in investing wants to buy a product and be sure of it. Wants to see visually how the program worked before.

Below is the statistics for the year of operation of Starbot.

  • Starbot statistics for 2020-2021
  • Starbot statistics from August 2021 to March 2022


Starbot is an algorithm for stable earnings and is built in such a way that any risks of trading on the exchange are minimized, but for our partners we provide additional recommendations that reduce all risks to an insignificant minimum.

1. Do not change the bot settings yourself and do not open orders manually.

The robot is designed to work with specific currency pairs, which performs a certain algorithm of actions. If you want to trade on your own, we recommend opening a separate trading account.

2. The 50-50 Rule (or Fifty-Fifty).

For example, if you have free money = 100 rubles, then following the rule, you replenish your trading account by 000 rubles, and leave the remaining 50 rubles in case of emergencies and strong fluctuations in the exchange rate, which are rare, but do happen. At the same time, you must understand that if your robot has already earned, for example, 000 rubles, then the amount for insurance should be appropriate.

3. Withdraw profit.

It is necessary to set for yourself an adequate bar for withdrawal after reaching a certain amount for a certain period of time. For example, our partner with a deposit of $4 withdraws every $000 earned (in this case, the withdrawal is made once a month).

4. Don't use borrowed money.

As in HYIPs, we recommend using only free funds that you won’t be sorry to lose and that won’t hit your family budget if they are lost.

5. Pay server rent in advance.

Summing up, let's say that if you do not adhere to at least one of our recommendations, then this can have a deplorable effect on your deposit in case of emergency. If you still follow the recommendations, then Starbot will consistently bring you profit for many years. Otherwise, you are responsible for your own actions.


If you have additional questions about the work of Starbot, then you can read the answers to some of them in our article.

  • FAQ


If you were looking for an additional way in the form of passive income, then Starbot is ideal for you even with a small investment. This robot has a significant number of advantages that will allow you to consistently earn from 10% to 15% per month.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the work statistics for 2020-2021 and, by the way, we will soon update it with a more recent one. Statistics will help you make the right decision and clearly show the abilities of the trading robot.

We are glad to announce that we are starting to develop the Starbot direction. Last year we published an article from our partners and now we see that our audience has become interested in this product. By the way, in February 2022 the robot brought + 30% profit, which is very good. We also purchased a robot and made an initial deposit 1 000 $, which we plan to increase in the process. Soon we will start publishing our first results in the comments to the article and in our news channel.

If you have questions, then ask them in the comments and share your opinion.

Our partners in the Starbot trading robot are ready to personally advise you: @Mobilka_sota.

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Комментарии (157)

  1. richmonkey 1 August 2022 10: 51

    It's time to take stock of the fourth month of testing Starbot 

    At the beginning of the month on the balance sheet we had $3523 (added +1000$ in the first days).

    Bot earned + 7.6 % profit for the month of July (+ 268 $ from the total deposit $3523)

    Total for 01.08.2022 in the trade balance $3791 (personal $3000 invested)

    One of Recommendations, always have free money (actually, as in HYIPs, leave it for new projects and not use the entire bank in one), since those who will not be able to top up in case of a drawdown may have to close some orders in the negative.

    A complaint
  2. 4difeer666 1 August 2022 01: 10

    Came the conclusion within 15 hours:



    2022-07-31 07:51:22Детали

    Address : TRDXE3AkpvvReVc9qLzm2fLvN7qeKAqsYJ
    Txid : beee29be6f5c351f26d3049105b1da9c13142557c76a4876af4c3fe952e13761

    A complaint
  3. 4difeer666 31 July 2022 14: 59

    This month came out 10%, which is equal to 100 bucks from my deposit of 1k bucks, an excellent result, considering the still lowered settings of the bot, I ordered a hundred for the withdrawal, as soon as I get it I will unsubscribe here

    A complaint
    1. Akimskate 31 July 2022 23: 32

      Lowered type settings due to market conditions? Should the result be better on the bull?

      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 1 August 2022 01: 07

        There is no crypto, there are no bulls and bears, now in general there is no stable situation in the world, it is dangerous not to be lowered

        A complaint
      2. keifor 1 August 2022 19: 50

        Lowered settings, it means that it works and opens orders in small lots... Quieter you go further, you will be in an unstable market situation at the moment. But on the usual standard settings, the profit can be at least a couple of times more. That's how it was for me last year. I shot 1000 every month when the market was stable

        A complaint
        1. Akimskate 2 August 2022 10: 12

          Got it, thank you!

          A complaint
  4. Wael77 30 July 2022 22: 45

    Thanks for the informations Admin!!

    A complaint
  5. Wael77 30 July 2022 22: 44

    A new way to earn money!!

    Think I will invest in such a thing

    A complaint
  6. keifor 30 July 2022 10: 44

    Since the end of the month fell on a weekend and trading on the market was stopped, we can sum up the results of the starbot's work for July. 

    Personally, my starbot works in manual mode, Ekaterina gradually reduces the drawdown, which is currently average... 

    On the balance sheet a little more than 5500 uye, in July 268 uye were earned in manual mode.

    I know that for many the bot works fully and there is practically no drawdown

    A complaint
    1. 4difeer666 31 July 2022 15: 03

      How long have you been in such minuses?

      A complaint
      1. keifor 31 July 2022 17: 23

        Since March, as the pandemonium began ... 

        The entry points and lot size are different for us from the balance, respectively, with a certain movement up and down, it overlapped, but for me it’s still very good))) it was worse, but ... I honestly wait for autumn))) 

        A complaint
        1. 4difeer666 1 August 2022 01: 08

          I am also waiting for autumn, in theory the first profit will go, if without embarrassment

          A complaint
    2. UdayAS8 31 July 2022 23: 39

      until now i didn't honestly understand the bot completely but i hope everything is alright with you bro, i see a lot of minuses and that can't be a good thing :(

      A complaint
      1. keifor 1 August 2022 19: 46

        These orders will close sooner or later. Not the first time already ...))) since 2014 I have been dealing with a robot

        A complaint
  7. Taomaster 7 July 2022 01: 22

    How much does it cost to rent a server?

    A complaint
    1. richmonkey_support 7 July 2022 09: 16

      Taomaster, 2.48€ per month

      A complaint
  8. richmonkey 3 July 2022 10: 00

    Added new deposit $1000

    Total for 03.07.2022 in the trade balance $3523 (personal $3000 invested)

    A complaint
  9. richmonkey 2 July 2022 19: 53

    It's time to take stock of the third month of testing Starbot 

    The Eurodollar rate was also unstable in June. At the beginning of the month on the balance sheet we had $2263.

    As a result, the bot worked + 11.5 % profit for the month of June (+ 260 $ from the total deposit 2263$)

    Total for 01.07.2022 in the trade balance $2523 (personal $2000 invested)

    One of Recommendations, always have free money (actually, as in HYIPs, leave it for new projects and not use the entire bank in one), since those who will not be able to top up in case of a drawdown may have to close some orders in the negative.

    A complaint
  10. 4difeer666 2 July 2022 12: 56

    My earnings for June put $130 or 13% of the deposit, which I put on withdrawal, came within 12 hours, I’m smoothly going to recapture my minus, there are already less than half

    A complaint
    1. 4difeer666 2 July 2022 13: 09

      payout from bot: 

      USDT 130


      2022-07-02 06:51:32Детали

      Address : TRDXE3AkpvvReVc9qLzm2fLvN7qeKAqsYJ
      Txid : 38cc9d1e6abe8dc34e70cce5fbdfbe0fc9e32442b37eb9f408a1168ed91cd87a

      A complaint
  11. keifor 2 July 2022 11: 48

    starbot results for June 387 bucks - this is 8% of depa 4950ue. 

    Still at low settings due to the strong volatility of the euro-buck now,

     quieter we go further we will))) 

    Finally, another thousand dollars has accumulated, so I transfer everything that is on top of 4000 to a separate account, I'll wait until the bucks at 70-80 rubles will be in the fall

    A complaint
  12. richmonkey 2 June 2022 19: 12

    It's time to take stock of the second month of testing "starbot» 

    The Eurodollar rate was also unstable in May. At the beginning of the month on the balance sheet we had $1628, on the 13th they added more + 500 $.

    As a result, the bot worked + 6.3% profit for the month of May+ 134 $ from the total deposit $2128)

    Total for 01.06.2022 in the trade balance $2263 (personal $2000 invested)

    One of Recommendations, always have free money (actually, as in HYIPs, leave it for new projects and not use the entire bank in one), since those who did not have the opportunity to top up in case of a drawdown, had to close some orders in the negative and lose some.

    A complaint
  13. 4difeer666 1 June 2022 01: 56

    Got paid 5 hours later.

    USDT 180 Завершено2022-05-31 23:13:03Детали

    Address : TRDXE3AkpvvReVc9qLzm2fLvN7qeKAqsYJ
    Txid : 003c9e3ff2142d6486d4fd8a27760f841d1871119c236acb5e0c009c78fa8d35

    A complaint
  14. 4difeer666 31 May 2022 18: 02

    For May it turned out 18%

    A complaint
    1. 4difeer666 31 May 2022 21: 41

      I also ordered them for withdrawal, let's see how much it will come, I'll unsubscribe later

      A complaint
    2. keifor 1 June 2022 22: 12

      and with my deposit of 4500 - only 5,8% made 260ue in a month))) 

      But plus - it's good, so I'm waiting until 5000ue is on the balance sheet and I'll withdraw a thousand ye, 80 bucks left to trade for the bot ... 

      But everyone has different entry points in the bot and you are more lucky along the way))) 

      Especially with such volatility that was happening in April May - 18% fire

      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 1 June 2022 22: 49

        Yes, a good profit turned out, one step closer to paying off the April losses

        A complaint
  15. richmonkey 13 May 2022 12: 11

    Added new deposit $500

    Total for 13.05.2022 in the trade balance $2128 (personal $2000 invested)

    A complaint
  16. Mihhha 4 May 2022 17: 32

    Thank you for the article. I agree that, like the HYIPs, Starbot in Forex is a high-risk investment. It is important to understand that any success here and now does not guarantee success in the future. In general, in this case, the main thing is not to break loose and not to run to take a loan in anticipation of a successful success. Good luck everyone and be careful. 

    A complaint
  17. 4difeer666 2 May 2022 03: 09

    My results this month turned out to be unsuccessful, in the following months I will beat off losses from this, in general I’m not upset, this was my fault, but I was not ready for such a huge drawdown, both psychologically and financially, who knows how everyone else it would have turned out all in a month, but we have what we have. Now quite tasty positions are open, for which, perhaps, this week it will be possible to earn a good amount. All profit

    A complaint
  18. richmonkey 2 May 2022 01: 51

    It's time to take stock after the first month of testing Starbot 

    Our start was not entirely successful, given the situation in the world, the eurodollar pair flew sharply down. 

    We started with a deposit $1000 and after the recommendation of the consultant added more + 500 $, since there was a decent drawdown, and we no longer expected to receive any kind of profit, and there were even thoughts about losing min 50% of the initial deposit. 

    As a result, the bot worked + 8.5% profit for the month of April (+$128 from the total deposit $1500)

    Total for 01.05.2022 in the trade balance $1628

    One of Recommendations, always have free money (actually, as in HYIPs, leave it for new projects and not use the entire bank in one), since those who did not have the opportunity to top up in case of a drawdown, had to close some orders in the negative and lose some.

    A complaint
  19. keifor April 30 2022 11: 40

    Quote: 4difeer666

    Together with consultant Ekaterina, we made the decision to close orders at a partial loss, and this happens, the loss of 800 bucks, I believe that we will recapture everything in the near future

    The month turned out to be a eurodollar akhtung that was constantly flying down to the results of 2000, due to the asshole in Europe, so this month the profit is only 7.1% (287 of the deposit of 4000).

    As I found out from Ekaterina, someone turned out to be a little more profitable, and someone even in the red, closing pull orders manually, but some of them have already won back ... But the situation turned out to be like this for people only because they did not follow the 50/50 rule and did not have topping up. .. But this is an experience, since the situation here can be controlled. 

    We are waiting for a rollback of the eurodollar and the resumption of the usual volatility in the market.

    A complaint
  20. 4difeer666 April 15 2022 00: 30

    Together with consultant Ekaterina, we made the decision to close orders at a partial loss, and this happens, the loss of 800 bucks, I believe that we will recapture everything in the near future

    A complaint
    1. keifor April 15 2022 01: 02

      Back to where you started? 

      And it seems to me that I should have left it and not closed it in the boo ... 

      Stoplos cut down and up slowly ... 

      Katya, of course, offers options, topping up or closing pull orders, but it’s up to everyone to decide anyway, 

      Yes, according to news like it will go down a lot, but for me it’s “stop loss bouncers”, ala dump or pump, as in a crypt, some coins will sometimes shoot with a candle))) 

      A complaint
      1. keifor April 15 2022 01: 05

        In general, we observe, but this special operation and its consequences, of course, force politics to play on the dollar and the euro

        A complaint
        1. 4difeer666 April 15 2022 16: 55

          I was even somehow unlucky more, I threw it out too early, if I had thrown it yesterday the situation would obviously be better for me, it would be experience

          A complaint
        2. 4difeer666 31 May 2022 22: 18

          This month I have already recaptured 180, if it also goes well, I will recapture everything over the summer and go to plus

          A complaint
      2. 4difeer666 April 15 2022 16: 50

        In fact, yes, but due to the fact that I already topped up a week ago, now even in the red by 400, on the weekend I will reach 1000, we will try to return it, I didn’t have time to fill the pillow for refilling (. If everything is fine by the end of the year, I will return to my previous positions with the conclusion that I was throwing out, I hope

        A complaint
    2. Alex2601 April 15 2022 18: 44

      Yes, the loss is tangible, now it’s generally difficult to predict the schedule, the dollar is jumping, and then all the other currencies and cryptocurrencies, etc.

      A complaint
    3. UdayAS8 April 15 2022 18: 57

      I'm sorry brother I don't understand.. did you lose 800$ today????

      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 April 15 2022 21: 06

        Yes, yesterday, due to the volatility in the currency market, they decided to close at a loss of $800, with a deposit of $1500, I have 700 kopecks left. I don’t want people to think because of my comment that they only lose money here, this is also an investment, there are also losses, I didn’t lose all the money, they weren’t the last, now there will be a process of returning the deposit, then when I return to the old position, I’ll withdraw what I threw out and I will keep as a pillow

        A complaint
        1. UdayAS8 April 15 2022 21: 14

          Of course every one should know that they may lose some money in investments but i mean it seems a lot to lose 800$ in one day 

          I hope brother everything will turn out to be well and you continue your profitable investments :)

          A complaint
  21. ilya28087 April 5 2022 14: 25

    I didn’t fully understand the 50-50 rule, i.e. if I see a decent additive, is it worth throwing in the same amount as before?

    A complaint
    1. richmonkey_support April 6 2022 12: 02

      ilya28087, it is better that you have a reserve deposit prepared in advance for insurance in case of drawdowns

      A complaint
    2. keifor April 7 2022 02: 20

      Not an additive, but a drawdown))) 

      Basically yes, I answered my own question... 

      That's why they say, there are 100k rubles free, throw fifty dollars on the bot, and leave fifty dollars on the map for safety... 

      But I had to top up in isolated cases for all the time ... And then only after the command of the servicing bot ... 

      But in my case, I both topped up and withdrew it back a day later, when the rate settled down, and the bot taxied everything and brought a decent profit)

      A complaint
      1. ilya28087 April 8 2022 22: 40

        Drawdown, drawdown, sealed up) Just recently I don’t know the subtleties in the bot, but I also saw that the article was supplemented, so I think it’s better to ask again. Thanks for the clarification)

        A complaint
  22. Butch88 April 4 2022 11: 21

    monthly result 

    A complaint
    1. keifor April 4 2022 23: 39

      How much per month in %? I see I took a lot of pictures too... 

      A complaint
  23. andreyvahr April 4 2022 09: 47

    Withdrew 200$ in XRP, came within 20 minutes

    A complaint
  24. 4difeer666 April 2 2022 18: 51

    These are my results for March, net profit is 167, from a deposit of 970 at the beginning of the month, almost 17% with low settings, we are waiting for a profitable April, I will withdraw closer to summer, and then strengthen the deposit

    A complaint
  25. andreyvahr April 1 2022 20: 09

    Here is the result for the month of March, about 25% profit on low settings, a deposit of 1000 with a little, withdrew 187 bucks when it was still possible to withdraw to the card at a good rate  

    A complaint
  26. keifor April 1 2022 08: 19

    results for the month of March on Starbot:

    Deposit at the beginning of the month 3998ye

    Profit 1653ue or 41,4%

    Withdrawn at the same time 1689ue to binance in usdt

    Sharing the results

    A complaint
  27. 13knives 31 March 2022 16: 19

    From the screenshots, I see it looks like Metatrader 4 or 5... For 10 years already, as a contract with Finam, I broke it and switched to trading bananas with pens, I don’t regret anything)) ...imho

    A complaint
  28. ilya28087 26 March 2022 13: 54

    I used to read an article, I was interested, but I didn’t dare to try it, but now I understand what it cost. I wrote to the consultant to help me learn a little)

    A complaint
  29. Mihhha 25 March 2022 00: 43

    Thanks for the new direction on the blog. There is something to think about. Moreover, the minimum entry threshold is only $100. Excellent!!!! Thank you for the article. 

    A complaint
  30. UdayAS8 24 March 2022 23: 13

    does anyone know that if there's going to be a detailed article about the new bot??

    A complaint
    1. levnks 28 March 2022 15: 20

      Bro, I searched for information myself, I don't have it anywhere (

      A complaint
      1. UdayAS8 28 March 2022 17: 42

        That's right, i think a detailed article is much needed :(

        A complaint
    2. 4difeer666 28 March 2022 19: 42

      So all articles about robots in one way or another affect starbot, I learned about it there

      A complaint
      1. UdayAS8 28 March 2022 20: 29

        Okay thank you, I think i will study all the articles about robots.

        just one question: does it need a verification process in order to work with robots??

        A complaint
        1. 4difeer666 28 March 2022 23: 07

          Yes. verification is needed on the exchange, on the bot itself it is not needed

          A complaint
          1. UdayAS8 29 March 2022 10: 54

            Sadly, I'm incapable of doing that since no exchanger accept Syrian documents

            A complaint
            1. keifor 29 March 2022 14: 19

              They promised to update the article soon, but regarding the documents of Syria, I think you can try to register on the stock exchange, it will suddenly work out, in the end it's free and fast, but you will know for sure

              A complaint
            2. UdayAS8 29 March 2022 19: 23

              I will get my passport in the few coming months ( there's much delay in Syria regarding the passports) and after then i will try to verify my account with it and will write here for any update.

              Thanks all for your help

              A complaint