Between 12.06.2018 and 21.06.2018, our activity will be reduced.

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Good day, dear partners!

Since 12.06.2018 by 21.06.2018 our activity will be reduced. Give the blog can for several hours a day. There may be delays in the payment of bonuses and compensation. Placing new projects, payments, important news will try to lay out in a timely manner! Do not forget that at any time you can apply in person and ask for advice on any issues that may arise, the selection of an investment portfolio. WITH 22 June I will be in a working environment.

Contact here:

We invest together with the team and get the best conditions for cooperation in strong projects!

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  1. I saw this message only today 20.06.18. Hike, you are on vacation, and reeves, as they came quickly, they come. Even faster)) And new projects appeared.
    What further to expect, I can not even imagine: kissing_heart
    I wish you a great and memorable holiday !!!
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