8bit.ltd - Introducing new investment packages!

8bit.ltd - Introducing new investment packages!

Dear 8bit family! 8bit presents a new batch of PROGRESSIVE and GIANT PRINCIPAL packages marked with X2. Each subsequent package offers double the maximum daily profit compared to the previous package. Thus, the maximum daily profit can be as high as 3,2% depending on the package you choose.

New slots for PROGRESSIVE X2 packages will appear 7 times more often than for PROGRESSIVE BETA. Another great thing is that all GIANT PRINCIPAL X2 packages, although limited, offer a 5% deposit bonus.

For a detailed description of the new packages, see here: https://8bit.ltd/a/r/news/#nx2p

The X2 series of packages has been carefully designed and based on long term analysis to ensure consistent profitability.

PS On January 20.01.2021, 10, the investment plans have completely changed, the old ones are no longer available, the profitability is now almost XNUMX times lower.

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Комментарии (6)

  1. matrix2000 23 March 2021 21: 10

    Bad plans to be honest
    A complaint
  2. richmonkey 16 February 2021 22: 19

    15.02.2021 Information has been received that the project has begun to return deposits according to the old plans to the balance, after which you can withdraw to your wallet or create repeated deposits from your balance, but under new conditions (just don't pick for 50 and 100 months, although they are limited and, as it were, attractive, but there is a very small percentage for the entire period and in the last month only increased, the main profit returns at the end of the term and the chances of waiting for it are small), follow your personal account or you will receive a notification in the telegram bot.

    All this may indicate that the project has long-term prospects and is going to work further, since they are now ready to return any amount of deposits and pay to the wallet, everyone will be refunded or not, we don’t know, but some have already been returned, perhaps this will happen gradually (there were already conclusions of $ 5-10k and some began to enter new investment plans). The profitability of course has become almost 10 times lower, but higher than in the bank :)

    REFBECK! Unfortunately, we cannot provide high bonuses from the deposit for the new tariffs, since the referral percentage was also cut in half, and due to the fact that everyone will close deposits under the old investment plans, we will no longer receive a referral commission on them. And since before that we immediately paid half or in some terms and more, but it was charged to us every month after your accruals, so we will now receive less of the referral commission. For a monthly plan bonus the contribution will be 0.5%, and for the rest we will make 1%.
    A complaint
  3. 4difeer666 7 February 2021 13: 52

    It's a shame that you will have to leave such a project, it just makes no sense to chase money on such plans
    A complaint
  4. AlexanderKudrya8027 31 January 2021 16: 24

    Never seen such tariffs before, komsa at pm 0,5 and meaning?
    A complaint
    1. richmonkey 31 January 2021 18: 44

      It pays off with a refback just) but there is no point in depriving for 1 month
      A complaint
    2. Anzhel 6 February 2021 13: 14

      The bank has almost the same rates
      A complaint