There is an idea, but there is no way to implement it ?!

There is an idea, but there is no way to implement it ?!

Development plays a key role not only in life, but also in business. That is why we do not want to stand still and are looking for new opportunities absolutely everywhere. If you have good ideas that will be interesting to people, and can also implement them, then this news is for you!

What do we want to hear? If you propose an idea with articles, then describe "why exactly they", "why exactly the described topic will give a result." A proposal to create a service or application, even if it will have competitors and the idea is not new, but "why is it worth repeating it?"

We expect super cool ideas from you that burn you from the inside.

You can offer us:

  • your thoughts for the promotion and development of our blog;
  • unique ideas for creating new sites: any useful resources, articles, etc .;
  • development projects in social networks and Youtube;
  • their experience of mastering a new narrowly specialized sphere of earnings.

You are suitable for us if you: 

  • you have experience in the Internet and have already tried to create your own projects;
  • have Photoshop skills, know how to shoot and edit video;
  • familiar with working methods on Youtube and social networks;
  • you know html and css;
  • know how to select keys and write adequate texts and articles;
  • you can master unfamiliar cms;
  • know how to promote and monetize websites;
  • you understand the principle of work of articles and books;
  • you are not afraid to take responsibility;
  • available for full-time work on weekdays.

In return, we offer: 

  • work in our friendly team and the implementation of your idea;
  • stable fixed payment twice a month, the amount of payment depends on the duties that you perform;
  • monthly percentage of profit after payback of your idea.

Our conditions mean that your earnings are limited only by your activity and competence. The success of our blog confirms the seriousness of our intentions and justifies all the prospects of working with us. 

You can send your applications by mail In the application please indicate:

  • Your name, age, what city you are from and what you do offline;
  • Describe your online experience;
  • Show proof of your skills from previous jobs;
  • Tell us about your knowledge in the promotion of information sites and doorways, in marketing, in advertising settings and in the selection of keys;
  • Offer and describe your idea, as well as justify its material attractiveness;
  • Talk about additional skills that differentiate you from other candidates.

In general, we are looking for a person who would offer us an idea for a new monetized project with experience on the Internet, who can help us in the development of, has a general idea of ​​website promotion, keywords. We want to create something new besides

We are sure that you are the one who suits us!;) 

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Комментарии (17)

  1. levnks 15 March 2022 22: 22

    Hello Richie.

    I wanted to suggest a couple of updates on the site. I'm just new to your blog and I would like a little convenience for working in it. 

    1. This is to make a personal message. It would be possible to communicate with the same investors through your blog. Find out someone else's opinion, etc. (But on the other hand, when creating a PM, there can be a lot of spam from "Scammers")

    2. See the full statistics of any investor. His deposits, insurances and refbacks. (Just when you go to someone's profile - your profile is displayed, except for comments ..)

    3. Make a small opinion from you in the "Digest" for new projects. It will be very useful for new investors on what grounds you have chosen this project. 

    That's all. Other than that, I really like your blog. Just suggested a couple of improvements. Thanks!

    A complaint
    1. levnks 15 March 2022 23: 44

      Also forgot to mention..

      4. Add a push notification to the mail when your comments are answered on the blog. (Of course, you could talk about projects and SCAM, but here you can just subscribe to Telegram and track everything there)

      A complaint
  2. levnks 8 February 2022 21: 05

    Good article, but it's a pity I won't fit on demand) 

    A complaint
  3. aya998 7 December 2021 17: 11

    Dear aya ehsan,

    We have successfully received your deposit.

    Amount: $ 21.00

    Investment plan: 2% daily for 15 business days

    e-currency: PerfectMoney

    Account: U350 *****

    Batch: 436845042

    A complaint
  4. ilya28087 31 October 2021 15: 15

    Of course, I would like to join your team, but I don't fit the requirements, but I think there is someone)

    A complaint
  5. Mihhha 28 September 2021 17: 40

    Hello to all!!!!
    A sensational problem for us is the massive blocking of sites, therefore I suggest and all of us in particular to think about creating something like trust management on, For example, I transfer from $ 10 to $ 1000 to the wallet. .biz independently invests these funds in various HYIP projects during the year and doubles this amount and, if successful, removes its commission from profits in the amount of, say, 10-20%, You can discuss the risks and compensation percentages in case of losses with the admin in advance. that such an approach will significantly increase the number of contributors to the blog, And I will say straight out that not all contributors know how to use a VPN. And has much more experience in the HYIP industry than any of us. Well, how do you like the idea? Unsubscribe please
    A complaint
    1. richmonkey 28 September 2021 17: 53


      The idea, let's say, is not new, and somehow there have been proposals on this matter, but I don’t want to take on such responsibility, we are primarily interested here in the ideas of making money outside of HYIPs.

      But according to the remote control, there have already been cases with other blogs, for some time they rubbed themselves into trust, collected the cash register for their control and then disappeared! sunglasses
      A complaint
      1. Akimskate 23 November 2021 09: 05

        I agree, who needs this extra headache, still think about the safety and increase of other people's money ... Moreover, there is a service for the selection of projects in the investor's portfolio

        A complaint
  6. n1kto253 15 September 2021 04: 24

    Good luck finding a candidate!
    Reading your requirements, I understand that I still have a lot to master)))
    A complaint
  7. DimaCash 15 September 2021 01: 25

    Every day I try to develop in these directions. Thanks for the motivation!
    A complaint
  8. Tatarin152152 15 September 2021 00: 53

    Thank you for the article
    A complaint
  9. zakonich 17 August 2021 13: 15

    I'm just trying to develop in these directions, as soon as something starts to turn out, I will definitely try to get to you)
    A complaint
  10. tanjs 15 July 2021 10: 56

    Very good offer.
    A complaint
  11. DjOrel April 27 2021 20: 49

    How to join your team?
    A complaint
    1. mommacriminal 20 August 2021 20: 27

      joking right?))))
      A complaint
  12. matrix2000 20 January 2021 23: 02

    You always need to develop, you can't stand in 1 place)
    A complaint
  13. gilew455 18 January 2021 21: 30

    Interesting. move in front of it well, I wish you to find the right person and not give up just forward. It is a pity that there are no such skills.
    A complaint