8bit.ltd - 8bit Annual Report + Special Announcement!

8bit.ltd - 8bit Annual Report + Special Announcement!

Dear 8bit users and partners!

We're thrilled to see our loyal community expanding and supporting us from the very beginning of our project. So much has happened on the 12bit platform over the past 8 months that this is a great opportunity to share with you our achievements during 2020.

The 8bit website continues to evolve as new technologies are introduced to provide our customers with the best experience. Thanks to constant system updates and tireless work of our team, the results speak better than any words: 8bit audience is constantly growing, and this is just the beginning.

And now the facts. For 1 year on 8bit:

  • Several large-scale actions were held
  • 8bit Telegram bot has been significantly improved
  • The site contains 30+ news and 30+ system updates are posted on our Telegram channel
  • New 8bit branch opened in Singapore.
  • 8bit Telegram bot introduced 4 games
  • Transaction limits and EPS fees have been adjusted for user convenience
  • The FREE DOGE faucet has been enhanced with many features including a reminder and screensaver
  • By the end of August, the 8bit channel in Telegram reached 10 thousand subscribers. To date, he has collected more than 4 thousand. Users
  • DOGEcodes were introduced as an additional source of FREE DOGE for all our Telegram bot users

Since customer feedback and trust means a lot to us, the administration 8bit.ltd decided to return 8bit New Year Extravaganza to show its appreciation for customer loyalty and participation in the project development process. We want to thank all our users and have prepared promotions, sweepstakes, surprises and gifts for the upcoming New Year season.

Here's a quick overview of what will happen between December 15th and January 15th as part of the 8bit New Year Extravaganza:

  • Month without commission
  • Snowball mini-game in Telegram
  • Awesome $ 5500 DOGE Contest
  • Special investment offers with a limited duration
  • Winter bonuses for users who claim DOGE on Telegram, DOGE giveaways increased

The exact dates and detailed descriptions of each promotion and special event will be published at a later date, so stay tuned.

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Комментарии (7)

  1. matrix2000 31 December 2020 10: 28

    Cool updates
    A complaint
  2. famchik 21 December 2020 14: 38

    In fact, a really high-quality project, but with such little marketing I will die sooner than I can wait)
    A complaint
  3. richmonkey 16 December 2020 14: 29

    Pay attention! Today, new investment plans have been added for a period of 36, 48 and 60 months, charges there are only 0.05% per day, all the rest of the profit at the end of the term.

    We select only up-to-date plans from 1 to 24 months.
    A complaint
  4. Akimskate 15 December 2020 12: 35

    A long-liver who has been sitting there for a long time - managed to make good money and play for profit)
    A complaint
  5. 4difeer666 13 December 2020 18: 00

    If short plans are added, large depots will fly, excellent work from a beat
    A complaint
  6. AlexanderKudrya8027 13 December 2020 14: 28

    Wow, a whole year of work. Well done!
    A complaint
    1. richmonkey 14 December 2020 23: 50

      The 3rd year of work has already started sunglasses
      A complaint