- Development Roadmap for October.

Dear users, thank you for your suggestions for updates and improvements to the game. We have added all your suggestions to the list of further changes; for a more systematic development, we will implement some of the changes in subsequent maps.

As promised, we are publishing a roadmap for the next 30 days.

26.09 - Adding a countdown timer before the start of the decrease in profit in the "Swimming" section
01.10 - Launch of new contests for reformers and investors
05.10 - Increased availability of the ship lvl 3 up to 2 pcs.
08.10 - Adding a banner advertising system as an additional source of reserve
12.10 - Adding cryptocurrency payment systems to replenish the balance
15.10 - Increased availability of the ship lvl 4 up to 2 pcs.
19.10 - Adding a mini-game "Auction"
23.10 - Adding 7 lvl. ship with availability of 1 piece.

Sincerely, The

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  1. delix
    04.10.2020 23:44
    thanks for the info
  2. 4difeer666
    03.10.2020 19:31
    Most likely I will refill, I have not been in the first season, this should be done thoroughly, while there are no fishermen
  3. BandiCD
    03.10.2020 09:09
    Good news, the project works and develops as the admin promises, but only I passed it.
    1. lola
      04.10.2020 12:47
      And I am the opposite. In the first season was. There is one drawback. If the profit is not withdrawn within 24 hours, a fine is imposed (and it grows), and this is very sad. Is that waiting in line))
      1. delix
        04.10.2020 23:43
        this season you need to collect every 16 hours