Competition from "Peace, work, hype!". Prize fund - $ 100

Congratulations to our blog investors on May Day! For many, May 1 has traditionally symbolized the revival and coming of real spring, and for us in the hype industry, it is practically the closing of the spring season.

We celebrate May 1 with the team and decided to organize a competition for our partners with the support of investment projects Comex trades и Vitrade totaling 100$.

We are sitting at home in quarantine and participating in our contests!


Comex trades - An ex-partisan who has established himself as a solvency for a long period. Presumably led by an experienced team of administrators, which more than once was located on our blog and showed excellent results. You can familiarize yourself with the project in more detail thanks to our text and video reviews! Recall that the contributions of investors to our blog are insured on 500$ and the bonus from us is + 5% from your deposit. Our deposit in the project amounted to 500$. The project administration has allocated for the competition 50$, for which we are grateful to them!

Vitrade - A high-quality piggy bank project that works exclusively with cryptocurrencies has been on our blog for more than two months and continues to demonstrate excellent results. We have prepared detailed text and video reviews of the project, to facilitate the work with it. We recommend you to familiarize yourself! The deposits of our blog team are insured on 500$ and ours is + 5% from your deposit. Our deposit in the project amounted to 3 000$. The administration of the project allocated to the competition 50$. Thank them for that!

Competition number 1. “Peace, labor, hype!”

Unfortunately, a difficult situation around the world is now associated with the coronavirus pandemic. We believe that investors are not much affected, but we want to hear your opinion about all the events. Your task is to express an opinion on the topic “Has the pandemic affected the hype industry?” (earnings in particular). It is not so difficult to express one’s opinion, so everyone has a good chance of winning. General conditions must be followed! Prize fund of the competition 100$!

General terms

  • You must be registered on our website;
  • The competition is attended by those users who ordered a refback from us from January to April inclusive;
  • You must leave a comment under this article with your opinion not in two or three words;
  • Specify your Perfect Money or Payeer wallet at the end of the comment.

Top places

We will select 15 participants who will leave a reasoned opinion and fulfill the conditions correctly. They will receive cash prizes, namely:

1-place - 20$, 2-place - 15$; 3-4th - 10$; 5-e 7.5$; 6th-10th place - 5$; 11th-15th place - 2.5$.

Date of review: May 2 at 18:00 Moscow time!

The total prize pool is - 100$.

We will choose the winners among those who correctly fulfilled the conditions and reasonably expressed their opinion.

Congratulations again on May 1! May the strongest win!

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  1. mirov84
    03.05.2020 19:58
    Hello to the blogger for the prize!
  2. Lumin
    03.05.2020 14:33
    Thanks for the prize)
    19:14 02.05.20 Received Payment 5.00 USD from account U12295780. Memo: Competition from “Peace, work, hype!”
  3. Robin2020
    03.05.2020 08:46
    Thanks for the prize, very nice!
    operations: 02 May 2020 21:58
    Operation ID: 1016735613
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    obtaining Amount: $ 2.50
    Comment: Competition from “Peace, work, hype!”
  4. Lex5964
    02.05.2020 22:46
    wow, thanks for the prize) very nice))) Although I didn’t even leave my wallet) 02.05.20/19/16 2.5:12295780 Receive Received Payment 19006836 USD from account U313319530 to account UXNUMX. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: Competition from “Peace, work, hype!”
  5. Nik888
    02.05.2020 22:44
    Thank you:
    The amount of 2.5 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U12295780. Memo: Competition from “Peace, Labor, HYIP!”. Date: 19:16 02.05.20/313319478/XNUMX. Batch: XNUMX.
  6. matrix2000
    02.05.2020 22:25
    Thanks for the prize
    A payment has been credited to your account
    + 20.00 USD
    Дата: 02.05.2020 21:54:28 (UTC+3)
    ID: 1016732897
    Description: P35696906 → P1012407404
    Comment: Amount: 20.00 USD
    Competition from “Peace, work, hype!”
  7. NikitaPuchkin2000
    02.05.2020 22:05
    Thank you so much, very nice!
    Received Payment 15.00 USD from account U12295780 to account U24517250. Batch: 313319193. Memo: Competition from “Peace, work, hype!”
  8. gilew455
    02.05.2020 22:03
    Thanks for the prize, it’s nice to participate in your contests.
  9. gektor92
    02.05.2020 21:59
    Thanks for the contest and prize!
  10. richmonkey
    02.05.2020 21:43
    They gave a little more time to those who want to participate in the competition. We hope everyone managed to do it!

    Summing up our contest in honor of May Day, I would like to say that we are glad that you showed such interest and activity, expressed your opinion about the situation that has developed all over the world. As promised, we are distributing 100$ + decided to allocate one additional place.

    Results of the competition number 1. “Peace, labor, hype!”

    1 Matrix2000 - [Prize $ 20]
    2 NikitaPuchkin2000 - [Prize $ 15]
    3 4difeer666 - [Prize $ 10]
    4 Homi - [Prize $ 10]
    5 Yanchesko - [Prize $ 7.5]
    6 Lumin - [Prize $ 5]
    7 Andrey408 - [Prize $ 5]
    8 Oleg777 - [Prize $ 5]
    9 Gektor92 - [Prize $ 5]
    10 Dmn - [Prize $ 5]
    11 Ivanessence - [Prize 2.5 $]
    12 Mirov84 - [Prize 2.5 $]
    13 Nik888 - [Prize 2.5 $]
    14 Lex5964 - [Prize 2.5 $]
    15 Gilew455 - [Prize 2.5 $]
    16 Robin2020 - [Prize $ 2.5]

    Thank you all for participating in our contest!
    1. Andrey408
      02.05.2020 21:58
      Thanks for the great contest !!!
      Received the award!)
      1. NikitaPuchkin2000
        02.05.2020 22:07
        Thanks for the contest! I did not expect that I would take a second place, because I do not know how to express my thoughts beautifully! Congratulations to all the winners!
    2. matrix2000
      02.05.2020 22:24
      An excellent contest) it’s not in vain on monitoring on blogs it comes first!
    3. Nik888
      02.05.2020 22:28
      Yes, I did not expect, thank you very much.
    4. 4difeer666
      03.05.2020 21:56
      For almost every holiday, the contest is very pleasant, and there are always moments to show creativity