Competition from “Feel our love”. Prize fund - $ 100

Competition from “Feel our love”. Prize fund - $ 100

Is there anything more important than love? Today is Valentine's Day, which means that couples in love present interesting gifts to each other and, most importantly, give love. We the team decided to pamper our partners and organize a contest in honor of Valentine's Day with the support of investment projects Arber group и Valut invest totaling $100.

On February 14, many countries around the world celebrate Valentine's Day. Surprisingly, it is believed that this holiday has existed for about 16 centuries, but other holidays of love are known even more from the earliest times.

The competition was divided into 2 parts: a competition of tips and a photo contest. Learn more in the description.


Arber group - a piggy bank project that we displayed in our section Out of Blog January 7, 2020. February 2, we added the project to the blog. The project offers to earn from 1.2% to 1.4% daily on an unlimited basis with the possibility of withdrawal of the deposit body after 15 days. You can familiarize yourself with the project in more detail thanks to our textual as well as video review! Recall that the contributions of investors to our blog are insured on $300 and the bonus from us is + 3 % from your deposit. Our deposit in the project amounted to $200. The project administration has allocated for the competition $50, for which we are grateful to them!

Valut invest - On January 1, an investment project was added to our blog, which until recently worked exclusively with rubles. Now the popular payment system Perfect Money is connected. Investment project marketing offers to earn from 0.7% to 1.3% daily depending on the chosen tariff plan. By the way, on this project we also prepared a detailed text review and recorded a video review. We recommend you to familiarize yourself! Our team deposits are insured on $300, so investing with us is safer! Our deposit in the project 15 000₽. The administration of the investment project allocated for the competition $50. Thanks you!

Competition number 1. "Saint Valentines"

This is a photo contest in which you need to leave a photo of you and your soulmate or your family in a comment (faces are not necessary to show if you are shy). You can also send a photo of gifts to your soulmate. Show us how you celebrate this holiday together. General conditions must be followed! Prize fund of the competition $50!

Competition number 2. “Advice for the future February 14”

Many face such a problem that they do not know what to give to their beloved. Leave your advice, gift idea. Help readers of our blog decide on a gift for Valentine's Day. General conditions must be followed! Prize fund of the competition $50!

General terms

  • To be registered on our site;
  • Leave a comment with the number of the competition (for example, competition No. 1, a paragraph and write your advice, post a photo) and fill it with advice or a photograph;
  • Advice is not taken in a nutshell. Argument your choice;
  • You can participate in two competitions at the same time. Limitations are 1 person = 1 advice from 1 competition, 1 person = 1 photo from 1 competition;
  • Leave your Perfect Money or Payeer wallet at the end of the comment.


  • Use other people's tips. All works will be checked for uniqueness;
  • Use other people's photos. We will also check this.

Each registered user of our monitoring blog can take part!

You can fulfill one of two conditions or participate in two at once! In this case, your chances of winning will increase significantly.

Date of review: February 15, 17:00 Moscow time!

Total prize pool: $100!

We will choose the winners among those who correctly fulfilled the conditions.

Winners of the contest number 1. Saint Valentines: 1-place - $10, 2-place - $7.5, 3-5-place - 5$, 6-place - 4$, 7-9-place - $2.5, 10-15-place - 1$.

Winners of the contest №2. “Advice for the future February 14th”: 1-place - $10, 2-place - $7.5, 3-5-place - 5$, 6-place - 4$, 7-9-place - $2.5, 10-15-place - 1$.

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. Slepoiman 16 February 2020 20: 26

    I received the prize, thanks for the Received Payment 7.5 USD from account U12295780 contest. Memo: Competition from “Feel our love”
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  2. 4difeer666 16 February 2020 00: 49

    Thank you for the prizes: 02.15.20 14:11 Account Receive +7.5 Received Payment 7.5 USD from account U12295780 to account U18183296. Batch: 302976928. Memo: Competition from “Feel our love”

    02.15.20 14:10 Account Receive +2.5 Received Payment 2.5 USD from account U12295780 to account U18183296. Batch: 302976750. Memo: Competition from “Feel our love”
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  3. Anzhel 15 February 2020 22: 17

    Congratulations to the winners!)
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  4. Lumin 15 February 2020 22: 06

    Thanks for the prizes)
    14:10 15.02.20/2.5/12295780 Received Payment XNUMX USD from account UXNUMX. Memo: Competition from “Feel our love”
    14:12 15.02.20/2.5/12295780 Received Payment XNUMX USD from account UXNUMX. Memo: Competition from “Feel our love”
    A complaint
  5. Natalia 15 February 2020 19: 35

    Thank you very much for the prize received 5 USD.
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  6. matrix2000 15 February 2020 19: 02

    Thank you
    + 5.00 USD
    Date: 15.02.2020 17: 43: 49
    ID: 947134227
    Details: P35696906 → P1012407404
    Amount: 5.00 USD
    Comment: Competition from “Feel our love”
    + 5.00 USD
    Date: 15.02.2020 17: 44: 35
    ID: 947134737
    Details: P35696906 → P1012407404
    Amount: 5.00 USD
    Comment: Competition from “Feel our love”
    A complaint
  7. Lex5964 15 February 2020 18: 59

    Thank you) prizes received!) 15.02.20/14/12 2.5:12295780 PM Receive Received Payment 19006836 USD from account U302977065 to account UXNUMX. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: Competition from “Feel our love”

    15.02.20/14/09 10.00:12295780 Receive Received Payment 19006836 USD from account U302976555 to account UXNUMX. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: Competition from “Feel our love”
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  8. gilew455 15 February 2020 18: 13

    Congratulations to the winners. Monitoring always holds good contests. Thank you.
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  9. richmonkey 15 February 2020 17: 08

    It's time to take stock of our competition for Valentine's Day, in which we will now distribute $100. We decided to change the awards and share them among all the participants!

    We express our gratitude to everyone who participated, did not hesitate to post a photo!

    Results of the competition number 1. Saint Valentines:

    1 Lex5964 - [Prize $ 10]
    2 Logika28 - [Prize $ 7.5]
    3 Maria1993 - [Prize $ 7.5]
    4 Matrix2000 - [Prize $ 5]
    5 Sofiya - [Prize $ 5]
    6 Jaba007 - [Prize $ 2.5]
    7 Lumin - [Prize $ 2.5]
    8 Praveen3504 - [Prize 2.5 $]
    9 4difeer666 - [Prize $ 2.5]
    10 Retyyu - [Prize 2.5 $]
    11 Nik888 - [Prize $ 2.5]

    Results of the competition №2. “Advice for the future February 14th”:

    1 Sofiya - [Prize $ 10]
    2 Slepoiman - [Prize $ 7.5]
    3 4difeer666 - [Prize $ 7.5]
    4 Natalia - [Prize $ 5]
    5 Matrix2000 - [Prize $ 5]
    6 Lumin - [Prize $ 2.5]
    7 Jaba007 - [Prize $ 2.5]
    8 Lex5964 - [Prize $ 2.5]
    9 Logika28 - [Prize $ 2.5]
    10 Maria1993 - [Prize 2.5 $]
    11 Praveen3504 - [Prize 1.5 $]
    12 AlexFanat - [Prize $ 1]

    Thanks again to everyone for participating in our contest!
    A complaint
    1. Sofiya 15 February 2020 17: 56

      Thank you for the contests! It was interesting to participate! Thanks for the prizes!

      Date: 15.02.2020 17: 44: 26
      ID: 947134664
      Details: P35696906 → P1021889624
      Amount: 10.00 USD
      Comment: Competition from “Feel our love”

      Date: 15.02.2020 17: 43: 58
      ID: 947134316
      Details: P35696906 → P1021889624
      Amount: 5.00 USD
      Comment: Competition from “Feel our love”

      Happy Valentine's Day!
      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 16 February 2020 00: 50

        Thank you for the contest, it’s nice to remember such moments
        A complaint
    2. matrix2000 15 February 2020 18: 59

      Great admin contest thanks!
      A complaint
    3. Nik888 15 February 2020 20: 18

      Thank you:
      The amount of 2.5 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U12295780. Memo: Competition from “Feel our love”. Date: 14:31 15.02.20/302979528/XNUMX. Batch: XNUMX.
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  10. AlexFanat 15 February 2020 16: 55

    Competition No.2
    You always want to spend this holiday with your loved one together, because what could be better than solitude in a close circle? Of course, only pleasant emotions from hanging out. But gifts should not be explicitly forgotten, especially if they are made with love.

    I consider the best gift that you can do with your own hands. In particular, you can give your girlfriend a collected bouquet with your own hands, in the form of a candy or fruit bouquet. Just take all the most exotic fruits and favorite sweets of your soulmate, decorate them beautifully in festive packaging, you can like a floral bouquet. And then present this surprise in the right direction and the necessary way.

    At the same time, you do not need to prepare any speech in advance, but you just need to enjoy the emotions and excellent mood in relation to each other.
    A complaint
  11. Nik888 15 February 2020 14: 44

    Competition No.1
    Here is such a modest present.
    A complaint
    1. richmonkey 15 February 2020 17: 51

      Write your wallet
      A complaint
  12. maria1993 15 February 2020 13: 53

    Competition No.1
    A modest present from her beloved husband .. Let everyone on this clear, warm day. Will find his other half. P91225517

    Competition No.2
    Oh, this wonderful day ... As for the gift, I think the most important gift is you .... After all, for me personally, the gift is not important whether it is a bouquet or one flower, because the main attention .. You can give anything starting from your opportunity .. May you be happy every day and no matter what your other half will give you.
    A complaint
  13. Logika28 15 February 2020 12: 19

    Contest # 1 Saints Valentines
    I decided to make a surprise for my soul mate and here is our photo at the moment in Spain in a restaurant

    Love and be loved!
    PM Wallet - U19597644

    Contest # 2
    I congratulate everyone on the wonderful holiday "Valentine's Day"
    As I wrote above, I gave my wife a trip to Spain, her delight was certainly indescribable, especially since I kept everything a secret to the last, but in general I think even banal flowers and a paper valentine will bring joy and happiness to the other half, because this is attention that very important for the entire female.
    PS do not forget to pamper and give gifts to your loved ones not only on holidays, but sometimes just like that, even if it's a trifle, love is built on trifles)))
    A complaint
  14. Jaba007 15 February 2020 10: 37

    competition number 1.
    While everyone was sleeping at home on this frosty morning, my husband went and bought me some flowers. In the evening he brought rolls and a cake for the children. Congratulated everyone.

    Happy Valentine's Day to RichMonkey and partners

    Competition number 2.
    On Valentine's Day, many do not know what to give their soul mates. Men give flowers with Valentine, because
    Valentine is a symbol of the holiday. Women, but here it is more difficult what to give a man. You can give a mug with a common photo where you and him, a purse for example. But these are all little things as you can buy. Better invite a girl, a guy for dinner, which you cook yourself. Buy tickets to the water park, or you can even have a circus (don't forget this for sure), a movie theater you want to go to a movie for a long time but you don't have time, just take a walk in the park, etc. It doesn't matter where, but together. It will be much more pleasant than the value of the relationship is not in gifts. Love each other
    RichMonkey and partners Happy Holidays
    A complaint
  15. Sofiya 15 February 2020 07: 33

    Competition number 2. “Advice for the future February 14”
    Valentine's Day is undoubtedly the most romantic and gentle holiday of the year, so on February 14, my husband will be pleased to receive a gift that will remind him of the feelings of a loved one all year round. After all, a gift for Valentine's Day to her husband is a small declaration of love. I think you can give any gadgets at any time when you want to please your loved one. We buy clothes all year round anyway.
    But a romantic trip will forever conquer the heart of her husband. New impressions, vivid emotions, hot days, languid nights and the most intimate moments of this wonderful trip, which you will never forget. By opening a part of the world, you will open the door to his heart. Give your husband an intimate gift and arrange a romantic candlelight dinner, this is an original and effective way to demonstrate your feelings, which your husband will surely like.

    You should not wonder whether you need to congratulate your wife on February 14: you can rest assured that your woman is waiting for the manifestations of your love from you. This means that you need a valentine, flowers, and gentle words. All this is not difficult to present to your soulmate and is very useful for your relationship. Agree, when the eyes of your beloved shine with happiness - it's nice. Usually, the longer you are married, the less romance remains in the relationship. Life, honed to the smallest detail, joint family evenings. But deep down in her soul, every wife dreams that her beloved spouse, at least occasionally, becomes a romantic, as he was before the wedding. Arrange a real romantic date for your spouse. With candles, wine, your favorite music, the main thing is to make sure in advance that no one and nothing distracts you.
    Perhaps a serenade under the window is exactly what your wife has dreamed of all her life, and if you decide on such a congratulation, it will make her truly happy. Or maybe she will be delighted with a huge bunch of heart-shaped balloons or a bouquet of pink roses, a banner with a declaration of love or a heart made of candles under her window.
    I had it like that. Before I had time to open my eyes, I had a small, fluffy lump sitting on my blanket and meowing in a gentle voice ... When I saw him, there was no chapel! Because my husband never wanted a cat to run around in the apartment. And for my sake, for the sake of being happy, because I dreamed of him to madness, He gave it to me! Now he does not let go of him, I think that he already fell in love with him)))
    In the evening my husband invited me to a restaurant, after the restaurant we walked along the embankment. It was very romantic, it felt as if the air was saturated with a day of lovers, couples in love were walking around. It was just magical and unforgettable! Especially my gift !!!


    Quote: matrix2000
    He stands so confidently as if it were not you, but he sheltered you))))

    When I bought a cat, she climbed under the battery and sat there for 1 day))

    He just felt how I wanted him)))
    By the evening he was already the owner of the house. Correctly said, as if he gave us shelter)))
    A complaint
  16. Sofiya 15 February 2020 06: 46

    Competition number 1. "Saint Valentines"
    I wish you love, understanding, tenderness, romance. Never know what loneliness is. So that there are always hands that would warm, lips that would kiss and a soul that would love. Give love and receive. Happy Valentine's Day!

    I am with my beloved husband. And he gave me such a miracle. I have long dreamed of such a gift and here it is happiness!

    A complaint
    1. matrix2000 15 February 2020 07: 12

      He stands so confidently as if it were not you, but he sheltered you))))

      When I bought a cat, she climbed under the battery and sat there for 1 day))
      A complaint
  17. Lumin 15 February 2020 01: 10

    Competition number 1.

    Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. I wish all lovers unlimited love and unearthly happiness.
    Valentine's Day gifts to my beloved wife.

    Competition number 2. “Advice for the future February 14”

    On the eve of Valentine's Day, many men face a serious dilemma of what to present to their fair half. There are a lot of gift options, but how exactly to choose the one that will be remembered for a lifetime. Frankly, this choice can be very difficult. We sit and go through various gift options. It can be a piece of jewelry, a new phone or a smart watch, someone will have the courage to buy their beloved lingerie. If we don't know what to give, we can opt for a gift certificate or, as an option, give a subscription to the fitness room. A romantic trip, of course, can be a gift, you will definitely remember it for a long time. And of course, do not forget to give your girls flowers, they just adore them.
    The main thing in my opinion is attention and care for your loved ones. And it doesn't matter what we decided to give, a simple valentine card or an expensive piece of jewelry. It is important that this gift is made from a pure heart, sincerely and with love.
    Perfect Money U22269659
    A complaint
  18. praveen3504 14 February 2020 23: 54

    competition number 1.

    celebrations with my family and friends ... went to our favorite hanging spot..later in the evening watched movie..well this is how singles celebrate it stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

    Payeer P1016468951

    competition number 2

    well don't just wait for 14 feb to show them how much you love and care ... enjoy every day of your life with your loved ones (family, friends, partner). Your presence and time is the most valuable gift you can ever give to them

    Payeer P1016468951
    A complaint
  19. Lex5964 14 February 2020 22: 35

    Competition No.1

    Hello everyone) I congratulate everyone on Valentine's Day!) I attach a photo where my beloved and I celebrate this wonderful holiday! It so happened that today they turned off the water in our house in the morning and it became clear that it would not be possible to cook the planned dinner ... So I had to improvise with buffers with red caviar, olives and wine)

    Competition No.2

    A couple of years ago, I also had a question - "What to give a girl?" Honestly, I didn't even know ... I thought about it, and decided to give her a soft toy, which in consequence has become a tradition!) She loves toys, and I decided to choose one holiday when I will give them! And now there is a Dog (Ressi), a Bunny, and a Seal appeared - their name is Belek! Every year a new toy! And of course flowers) sweets have already been bought together) My girlfriend surprised me with the gift "Checkbook of useful desires" !!! The thing is very cool, on each leaf there is a coupon that comes off and on the contrary there is a desire, for example: sleep +3 hours, any dish to order, body massage, etc.! Desires can be entered very different and desires may not always be "useful" and even with a "twist")))) Well, do not forget to love yourself! For example, I bought myself a subscription for 3 months to the gym))

    PM wallet U19006836
    A complaint
  20. matrix2000 14 February 2020 21: 13

    Competition 1
    I decided to cheer up my mother, the most beloved person in my life.

    Competition 2

    The easiest way to find out what will suit your significant other as a gift is to give something that she (he) likes. I'm sure you could hear in conversation, correspondence, when you walked, or were in a clothing store and similar places, a dream, and so on, something that your soul mate might like.
    The second method, of course, will be more difficult and here you will need to turn on your creativity and try to surprise your loved one, it can be anything. It is not necessary to give a gift directly, no one canceled a pleasant time and it may be more pleasant than a gift. Wine, candy, grapes on the roof under the stars, you know, everyone has their own taste. (Ps if you go to the roof, download the Star Map application, because not all the stars in the sky) suddenly Mars flies over you))), most of the planets are visible with ordinary eyes) although they look like ordinary stars, with the help of the map you can see where to be planets in the sky, and the evening will clearly become more romantic))
    In general, the most important gift to your soulmate is to give her (him), in your relationship, a sense of confidence in you, that she (he) can rely on you and completely trust you, that you can understand each other, support difficult situation and most importantly, that you have mutual love.

    P1012407404 Forgot
    A complaint
  21. Natalia 14 February 2020 19: 25

    Competition 2

    Celebrating Valentine's Day has already become a tradition, and it is always pleasant to receive gifts.
    The main thing when choosing a gift is to take into account the nature and interests of the person to whom it is intended.
    Girls love sweets and will be happy with chocolates in the form of hearts and different figures, multi-colored marshmallows, marmalade. The girl will also be happy with such a gift as brooches, bracelets, a necklace, soft toys and of course flowers. Various body care products such as lotions, shower gels, scrubs will also be nice to receive as a gift.

    A guy can be presented with a T-shirt with an original pattern, gloves, a mug, sports accessories such as a container for sports nutrition, a sports flask, a bag or backpack, a sports watch. It is also nice to receive accessories for gadgets as a gift, such as a case for a smartphone, wireless headphones, an organizer will be an excellent gift.
    But the main thing is to show care and attention to a loved one to show that he is dear.

    A complaint
  22. 4difeer666 14 February 2020 19: 17

    Contest -1
    It turned out that now the girl is at the competition, but how could I not prepare a gift. She doesn't seem to read the blog, so she doesn't know about the gift ahead of time)) Happy holidays everyone !!! there is no way to take pictures myself)

    Contest -2
    In general, I adhere to the idea that gifts need to be discussed (well, or asked before the holiday so that the person does not understand anything). I began to use this after an unsuccessful situation with a gift for my mother (3 years ago). But there are times when you really want to surprise your soul mate ... In such situations, I recommend that you turn on your imagination, a lot will depend on the budget, but even without it you can think of a lot of things. The main thing is to prepare. I am telling my story, which can serve as an example for someone. 2 years ago, I have not yet participated in the industry, money accordingly, he did not have much. All the same holiday. Then there was quarantine, both were not busy, went to the dacha. There was a room in which there were a lot of balloons, and our joint photographs were hung on them. And on the right and left on the walls were planks in the shape of a heart, with a completely covered surface with kinders (left) and chocolates (right). It was very easy to do, the hardest thing was to prove to my mother that I was really doing a surprise. So I did it. You can do the same or add your own something , it all depends on your imagination and desire, because getting the emotions of your beloved for your efforts is priceless.
    A complaint
  23. Retyyu 14 February 2020 18: 04

    Competition - 1
    Gave his beloved flowers, a cake without it, and tomorrow a backlit mirror will come to her;)
    Everyone is pleased to spend this holiday!

    U19963971 Wallet
    A complaint
  24. Slepoiman 14 February 2020 17: 28

    Competition - 2

    Good time to all, you will have to write in haste, as time is running out.

    I believe that the best gift for any holiday, including Valentine's Day, is pleasant emotions and memories.

    Socks, shaving foam, bouquets, perfumes, books, etc., and so on - bad manners, these are not gifts, rather consumables that can serve as tools for creating or maintaining a festive atmosphere, but not a holiday.
    It's nice to give a gift, especially to a close and loved one, but the happiness from this is temporary, but the memories are eternal.
    Each of us is visited by black stripes, from which we frown or get angry, and at such moments we often do not notice how much we sadden those we are close to. And on February 14, it is the day when you need to pause the world around you, to bring back the person with whom your partner has fallen in love and to thank him for all the time that he is with you, with unforgettable impressions. Everyone's tastes are different and there is a universal advice on where to go and what to give does not exist, choose a gift based on the tastes of your couple, and the events to visit based on the tastes of the general. Be open, romantic, give free rein to emotions, go beyond and go crazy. Do what will kindle a flame in your hearts from a brief memory - tomorrow, next week, and years from now.

    Happy holiday everyone, love and be loved.

    A complaint
  25. IgorKucheruk 14 February 2020 17: 14

    Competition number 2.
    About the upcoming holidays and ... in general ...
    Less words - more actions!

    For everyone who is baptized in the Canonical Orthodox Church (in the USSR - in the ROC; after the collapse of the USSR - in the ROC and UOC), who wears an Orthodox cross on his chest and considers himself Orthodox at least a little:

    - the nearest holiday on Saturday, February 15 - Meeting of our Lord Jesus Christ! On the eve of the evening of February 14 - the evening service under the Feast of the Meeting of the Lord.
    Not the meeting of spring with winter, not the farewell of the outgoing climatic winter with the coming climatic spring, but the meeting of people with Christ!

    - it is enough to procrastinate business nonsense called "Valentine's Day" - there is no such holiday in the Russian Church!
    For several years we have been persuading the near-Orthodox that there is no such holiday in the Church, but ...
    Therefore, I determine what I have the right to, that I will not persuade any more, who I learn about, that you are "celebrating" - the ban will be immediate! "Valentines", gifts-hearts - in the minus offset. As in the negative offset "oh, but I just gave a present that day, not for the sake of" Valentine's Day "! - subconsciously, the thought of some kind of" Valentine's Day "works!
    Who will be stubborn - you can thunder into excommunication from the Church! Stop playing!
    Decide - with God or with Satan!

    - do not take all the horror stories from the momentary secular authorities on "ah", but only after the start of their implementation! The steam has already gone to "ahi", and when it will be necessary to start the "locomotives" - there will be no steam! And he will be needed soon - the house of cards fluctuates from the breeze!

    - regularly to churches for Confession and Holy Communion - and you will ... no, not happiness ... your mind will be efficient and sober!

    A complaint