Emine.to - SCAM! Compensation paid.

Emine.to - SCAM! Compensation paid.


The project stopped payments


Current Fund Amount


Deadline for applications for compensation is

10.10 | 18:00

According to the project losses are covered by


Extremely important!

If you are a referral site RichMonkey.biz and got a refback from us (deposit bonus), then you have the right to receive compensation for this project.

Before you fill out an application for compensation, please carefully read the article. What is insurance in HYIP and how to calculate the net loss?

Applications for compensation are accepted through the form "Order insurance»

Dear Partners

Our blog is doing everything possible to support you and significantly reduce losses when investing in HYIPs.

Please treat with respect to our earnest request to unsubscribe on our website, in the forum thread and on the VKontakte group about receiving insurance payments. It only takes a couple of minutes, but with this simple action you support monitoring and our work.

If you are grateful for the compensation, please unsubscribe about receipt on the site, and also, if possible, in our forum thread. MMGP and on the page VK.

With constant "non-correspondence»Reserve the right to refuse to pay subsequent insurance.

Rules receiving subsequent insurance payments. Familiarize!

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Комментарии (14)

  1. matrix2000 11 October 2019 13: 10

    + 19.07 USD
    Date: 11.10.2019 10: 13: 17
    ID: 872956280
    Details: P94635157 → P1012407404
    Amount: 19.07 USD
    Comment: Compensation from RichMonkey.biz
    A complaint
  2. richmonkey 11 October 2019 10: 16

    Added a bonus on top!
    A complaint
    1. Andrew 11 October 2019 10: 44

      Thanks Rich!
      A complaint
    2. matrix2000 11 October 2019 13: 10

      Thank you rick))
      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 12 October 2019 00: 16

        Well, with such a project work, as a result, no one is even breakeven
        A complaint
  3. Lex5964 10 October 2019 20: 16

    Yes, replenish the same fund)))
    A complaint
    1. Anzhel 11 October 2019 13: 07

      Does the difference go to the fund for other projects?
      A complaint
  4. Andrew 10 October 2019 20: 14

    Losses on 138 $. Yeah, the project worked hard.
    A complaint
  5. ilyu134 10 October 2019 19: 12

    There should be few losses. The project worked well
    A complaint
  6. 4difeer666 10 October 2019 16: 01

    I always believed that the submitted insurance applications clearly describe the work of the project, especially when there are more deposits than insurance in 3 and more than
    A complaint
  7. Andrew 9 October 2019 23: 29

    It’s sad that he did not give me profit ... he came late.
    A complaint
    1. truck23 11 October 2019 04: 19

      Yes, with such marketing and deadlines, entering projects is more than risky. It is better to skip and consider more recent options.
      A complaint
  8. Lorik351 9 October 2019 17: 32

    There should be few losses, almost all have received excellent profits!
    A complaint
  9. richmonkey 9 October 2019 13: 15

    We submit applications only if you have left a net loss!

    Suppose if you had your first deposit of 100 $ and you received 216 $ in 60 days

    The second contribution is 100 $ and withdrawn 0 $.

    In this case, there are no losses, deposits 100 $ + 100 $ minus the withdrawal 216 $ total + 16 $
    A complaint

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