- Earn More on the Gazelle!

Dear taxi drivers, a new type of taxi has appeared in Taxi-Money - a cargo Gazelle of the 6 level. That's how this car differs from everything that was previously available to you.

1. Increases the order value by 30%.
2. Reduces rest time by 25%.
3. It does not consume, but brings 25% of energy.
4. Protected from chasing at Max and from poaching the order!
5. It carries not passengers, but cargo - up to 8 orders at the same time! Collect a long-term order, and do other things.
6. No parking required!

Gazelle can pass 2 TO. She can be arranged in a company and earn in the same way as in an ordinary taxi.

You can get the Gazelle only with the “Dull Time! Eyes charm! ”- when replenishing from 14 500 rubles. Keep up to 30 September 23: 59. No time to lose heart - time to earn! Read more about the new car in the news on the website:

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  1. Anzhel
    18.09.2019 10:53
    Thanks for the news, good Gazelle!
  2. 4difeer666
    13.09.2019 07:22
    Thanks for the news!
  3. matrix2000
    12.09.2019 20:00
    Thanks for the news)))