Place #1 - 728x90
Place #1 - 728x90 - Pay for activity on the blog.

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Hello! We are glad to inform you that since 1 on May On our blog, the contest starts on an ongoing basis - encouraging active users every month for comments under articles, reviews and projects.

We decided to please our readers and investors a little, and reward them for interesting and useful comments.

  • Twice a month You will have a chance to get a certain amount of money. And it all depends not on the case, but on you. The more you communicate, the more chances to win!
  • Your comments will be useful at least for beginners, and perhaps you yourself will learn something new.
  • Thanks to you blog will become more active.

Description and conditions of the competition will be prepared as a separate article!

All successful investment and profit!

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  1. Great Competition, Rich!
    And you can share your experience with newbies (for example, I have network experience since February 2005 of the year!) And additionally earn extra money for the same new deposits in HYIPs.
    Admin, just please make sure that you do not abuse the useless flood on the blog as some contestants do! And they did not duplicate the same payments of projects in different sections of the site, not even on the subject of posts!
  2. Well done boys. Thank you for this opportunity. Now it will be possible to receive rewards for what I did daily for free. I think that many will be interested. This is a very good step towards the revitalization of inactive ones, and it also gives an opportunity to open and be realized to those who have previously just passively used the resource only for their own purposes.
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