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Welcome to the CORPORIO LTD community. We share experiences, help participants and discuss results.

Chat allowed:

- Behave in a friendly, positive and do not swear.
- Discuss only CORPORIO LTD.
- Communicate without floods and links.
- Post deposits and payments.
- It is forbidden to panic and mislead other participants.

To do this, contact the chat moderator.

- It is forbidden to spam, write negative and flood.

Our chat in Telegram: @corporiogroup

Telegram News Channel: @corporio

Our YouTube Channel:

Telegram Support: @corporiosupport

Our contacts

Admin Telegram:
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  1. Anzhel 27 September 2019 22: 07

    Chat in the project is great news
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  2. fenix55 11 September 2019 09: 42

    partisan development went on)
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  3. matrix2000 8 September 2019 20: 14

    Thanks for the news)))
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  4. 4difeer666 8 September 2019 00: 47

    Thank you for the news!
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  5. Marina 7 September 2019 23: 34

    Thanks for good news!
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