Zooks.Family - Open telegram chat project.

Do you like to chat and make new friends?

We open Zooks-chat for friends and guests of Zooks.family

And for more interest, we give cash gifts to everyone who enters the chat and to everyone who invites to the chat!

Conditions for newcomers: We entered the chat by the link from an information resource (blog, monitor, channel), write your username (in the zooks.family project) and the username of the person (in the zooks.family project) who invited you. You must be registered with zooks.family. If you followed our link, write - "from the admin".

Example: Hello everyone, my login is Login1, I am from a friend Login2

Conditions for invitations: Publish a link to our chat and write down the conditions that everyone who enters the chat should indicate their and your login in the zooks.family project

Example: Join Zooks-chat for friends and guests of zooks.family, write your username in the zooks.family project and that you came from Login2. Get a cash bonus!

Payment: For the invitation of 1 participant, the bonus is 0,1 $, for joining the chat bonus 0,2 $. Bonuses will be credited in your zooks.family project offices. You need to be registered in zooks.family and enter your payment details. Bonuses are paid only on Perfect money and Payeer wallets (accounts created earlier than our P1015567353 account are checked by numbering).

If you log out of the chat and log in again, there are no repeated bonuses.

What other bonuses do Zooks-chat members get?

- posting of contributions / payments in the chat, participates in Bounty, as well as posting on mmgp

- periodic cash contests for Zooks-chat participants

Chat https://t.me/zooksfamily_chat

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  1. Marina
    07.09.2019 23:35
    Many investors like this kind of bonuses and it’s good for everyone.
  2. 4difeer666
    03.09.2019 23:45
    The good news, though, is a weird-forced bounty
  3. matrix2000
    03.09.2019 19:15
    not an indicator but nice))