Internet security. How to work with HYIPs?

Internet security is one of the most significant aspects of networking. The more seriously you approach this issue, the less risk of being hacked. We will try to analyze in detail a very important issue of working with HYIPs and not only, but rather how to make work on the Internet safer.

What is network security for?

The answer to this question is obvious and lies on the surface - because it is right and security is needed for your own good. Who take care of you if not yourself? When you leave the apartment and nobody is left in it, you close the door with a key? We think so. So apartment - it will be a conditional place where your money is stored. You do not want to find out once that your conditional apartment (in our case, a wallet or any other account with a cash balance) was hacked and on the balance of your payment system account or at the next investment project big and round zero, then please follow the precautionary measures.

Safety measures

In order to protect yourself from hacking, follow the following precautions:

1. Use a complex password that will include characters, capital letters and numbers.

2. Use different passwords on each site. For this you need a password generator. Googled quite easily.

3. Connect to mail / account 2FA authentication.

4. Connect your mobile number to your mail / account.

5. Do not connect to free Wi-Fi in public areas.

6. Do not open files from an unknown source or with an unknown format.


We strongly recommend a more thorough approach to security. The seriousness should be at a high level, because it concerns your money. We hope that the article was useful for both beginners and experienced Internet users. Apply these rules not only to work with investment projects, but in general to work on the Internet.

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  1. Lumin
    06.02.2020 14:02
    Safety first of all, especially when working with payment systems.
  2. Marchuk
    18.01.2020 07:28
    Thanks for the article, you should never forget about Internet security.
  3. Anzhel
    24.09.2019 00:03
    The article reminds caution, especially not open unknown files
  4. Nightmare
    06.08.2019 16:03
    Thanks for the information, very informative.
  5. fenix55
    02.08.2019 03:32
    Thank you for the article. I think it will be useful for everyone to think again about the security measures on the Internet
    1. marina
      03.08.2019 23:50
      that's for sure, I had the stellar out of my wallet the other day, there were them on 25 $, but still not nice. And I do not understand how they did it (
      1. 4difeer666
        03.08.2019 23:53
        oh, the blockchain has a lot of security measures
        1. matrix2000
          04.08.2019 00:10
          Even the blockchain has its flaws, but they are available either to some hackers or to more stupid people but with access to the server
      2. matrix2000
        04.08.2019 00:07
        Fully take all security measures, update Windows, change all passwords, etc.
  6. Yandrey
    01.08.2019 17:50
    Once I have broken Payeer, got caught on 6, started a virus on a computer,
    Windows had to be reinstalled, the mail was broken, and then the wallet was good that there were only 300 rubles in there. Now I take this issue more seriously.
    1. matrix2000
      01.08.2019 22:20
      Sadly (((
    2. 4difeer666
      02.08.2019 13:11
      Wow, and this is for that commission, in general, the wallet is not reliable
      1. matrix2000
        02.08.2019 13:40
        Come on, but convenient to you)
        1. marina
          03.08.2019 23:50
          I don't like him either, to be honest.
        2. 4difeer666
          03.08.2019 23:53
          than PM is not convenient, or cryptocrescents, the only plus of the pair is that you can keep everything there, but nothing more
          1. matrix2000
            04.08.2019 00:09
            The paer is convenient, there really is a big volume of Fiat and a crypt, and it is replenished, all the more there is no possibility of identification in PM to use it
  7. 4difeer666
    31.07.2019 00:00
    Each project has its own password, an excellent protection measure, which is very difficult to pass, thanks for the article!
  8. marina
    30.07.2019 23:59
    Yes, safety is the main thing, but it will be a shame - you earn money, and someone you money bye-bye ...
  9. Lavr
    30.07.2019 19:17
    Thanks for the article! I like to change passwords, so it’s not a matter of constantly updating them. And the Internet is only my own, I don’t use the public, as they say you will be more whole)
  10. matrix2000
    30.07.2019 17:26
    Thanks for the information, by the way, I use the Yandex internet browser, with it I don’t think about creating passwords anymore, when you enter the password tab with the mouse, it generates a random password very conveniently
    1. fenix55
      02.08.2019 03:31
      the same on chrome) a handy thing by the way
      1. matrix2000
        02.08.2019 13:43
        Yandex has protection protect. I don’t know if it helps, but I’m fine so far for long time using this browser.
        1. richmonkey
          02.08.2019 17:19
          The most important thing is not to download or open suspicious files.

          And put additional protection, smartphones are now all at hand: sms, 2, telegrams and other authenticators for authorization.
          1. marina
            03.08.2019 23:47
            although they sometimes strain, it is better to err once more, that's for sure.
    2. 4difeer666
      02.08.2019 16:27
      And if the mail is hacked, all the passwords open at once, not the most reliable way)
      1. matrix2000
        02.08.2019 17:47
        If using a stranger to crack you, no differences in passwords will help in essence
        1. 4difeer666
          03.08.2019 23:58
          I just use the random number, there are always different passwords
          1. matrix2000
            04.08.2019 00:09
            Well, yes, some of the browsers discussed this already built in conveniently and immediately upon registration