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New Solacoin currency, credit card transfers and cell phone recharge.

Dear investors!

Today is a very good day for all of us, because I have very good news for you. I have been waiting for this for a long time, and yesterday the Master Card supplier told me that it accepts my offer of cooperation. Now you have access to unique services, as well as all the benefits of the new currency. Solacoin.

Firstly Let's introduce to your attention the currency of Solacoin, which from now on you can go to any Master Card to replenish the balance of your cell phone or make purchases with this money.

This is not all. Secondly. Now, each investor will be able to use the possibilities of the internal exchange service to exchange the money earned for Solacoin and then withdraw it to your Master Card or cell phone. The service of replenishing the balance of a cell phone available to residents of Ukraine, Vietnam and the UK at the moment, but my colleagues and I are going to do everything possible to expand the list of countries in which mobile phone recharge services will be possible.

I invite investors from the above-mentioned countries to conduct more extensive testing of the new service by creating a deposit in our investment program. Contact me through Telegram on all matters relating to the testing service.

And some more good news for investors. To commemorate the start of the service "Transfer to any Master Card»Any amount you can withdraw on Master Card only for 10 Solacoin! This is a limited offer.

And finally. Due to the start of the above services, the start of the Bounty program is delayed for a couple of days. But very soon, every investor will have an unlimited opportunity to earn Solacoin using the program Bounty.

I am grateful for your trust and for your cooperation. Create new investments, use new services and be at the forefront of events with me!

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