- Increased the number of deposits in the Bank section. - Increased the number of deposits in the Bank section.

Dear users, today limits on the number of deposits in the "Bank" section have been raised, namely, now you can create up to 3 deposits in each bank.

In our Bank, you can open a deposit and do not bathe about anything. The advantage of the deposit from the purchase of fishermen is that you do not need to go every day and collect the catch, while you will not spoil anything. You may not go for weeks, but in order to receive accruals on the deposit you just have to pay a visit to the Bank, and the money will go to your balance.

Choose a tariff, make a deposit and get daily accruals!

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  1. matrix2000 14 July 2019 22: 34

    how many updates
    A complaint
  2. Marina 13 July 2019 23: 27

    These guys know how to work with the project! Bravo!
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    1. AlexFanat 13 July 2019 23: 58

      16 July they will have a toy called Tamagotchi, cool.
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  3. AlexFanat 12 July 2019 20: 16

    A strong project, a serious admin, all you need to know about this news.
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