- Run a bounty program. - Run a bounty program.

Get ethereum for free from Tresor! Our Bounty Campania is finally here!

We would like to present you the most generous section of our company and offer you to receive additional income. Especially for the participants who promote our company, we have created a bonus program Bounty.

How to make money on the program Bounty:

Choose one of the tasks: Quick Start, Facebook or Instagram

Become a subscriber of the official pages of the company in social networks and telegram

Follow the simple conditions, complete the tasks indicated by the link: get ethereum for free.

The company is interested in making every investor feel part of the Tresor Capital team.

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Комментарии (5)

  1. Marina 6 June 2019 23: 55

    Bounty almost every project already has) Thank you for the opportunity to add. earnings
    A complaint
    1. udimka 12 June 2019 01: 13

      Only you need to have an active deposit in the project from 1 June.
      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 17 June 2019 00: 12

        Well, it would be strange if you do not need it, so it's a waste of money
        A complaint
  2. 4difeer666 6 June 2019 16: 22

    Great, the opportunity to earn extra money!
    A complaint
  3. matrix2000 5 June 2019 23: 12

    Bounty is always good
    A complaint