- The project has acquired branding on a blog. - The project has acquired branding on a blog.

We transfer funds from advertising to insurance fund and now he is up $500. Investing is even safer! Our blog offers a great opportunity to earn everyone!

13 days have passed since the placement, who came with us already returned 65% of the deposit. The project continues to actively develop, foreigners are connected. Open chats, join

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Комментарии (7)

  1. fenix55 30 May 2019 05: 19

    great news, gives hope that more work relaxed
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  2. MrFox 28 May 2019 23: 32

    I believe that the project is worthy and should work as it should.
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  3. Marina 28 May 2019 22: 00

    Great news, congratulations to all!
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  4. Lavr 28 May 2019 19: 55

    A good project insurance as an aid to attract more investors. The project itself is pleased with stability, payment on time within reasonable limits.
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  5. 4difeer666 28 May 2019 16: 17

    Great news, and the project is very user blog, it is now even safer
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  6. matrix2000 28 May 2019 15: 10

    Cool for those who have come to good luck to everyone, although it seems to have started to buy ads on the bell)
    A complaint
  7. silver_profit 28 May 2019 12: 17

    Great news! Especially for those who came without relying on insurance, but now it has appeared
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