- Fixed rate in US dollars - a stable income. - Fixed rate in US dollars - a stable income.

A unique offer for all investors! At the moment, Megapawnshop is considering the possibility of calculating profits in US dollars. This means that the value of your coin at the rate in effect at the time the investment was placed will be recorded. The withdrawal of funds in turn will be carried out in the same cryptocurrency in which the deposit was made. Such a scheme of work will allow you to earn money regardless of the course of each coin and protect your capital from market volatility.

By making significant changes to the activities of our company, we always take into account the opinions of our users, so we invite you to answer a simple question. Would you like profits to be calculated against the US dollar? Share your opinion by taking a survey on our Facebook page. Thank you for your attention and help in the development of Megapawnshop!

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Комментарии (3)

  1. Nik888 April 29 2019 23: 55

    Thanks for the information.
    A complaint
  2. Alex2601 April 27 2019 09: 06

    Given the growth of bitcoin is not a good idea!
    A complaint
    1. Marina April 28 2019 18: 33

      This is for sure, I remember in Hippo, too, the dollar peg would ultimately be in the red, if not for the blog insurance.
      A complaint