- Added Japanese.

Due to the growing popularity of Megapawnshop among partners from Land of Rising Sun, we are expanding the language bar. From now on, all functions of the platform are available in Japanese. This innovation is aimed at making use of the site as convenient as possible for our partners from Japan.

In an effort to ensure a comfortable work for all, our team is constantly making appropriate improvements. Read our newsletter to find out about all the changes in Megapawnshop.

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  1. Nik888
    21.04.2019 05:25
    Thanks for the information.
  2. 4difeer666
    17.04.2019 22:18
    Most often they connect via traffic, apparently there are really a lot of Japanese in the project.
  3. silver_profit
    17.04.2019 19:22
    After a long time, it was for some reason added Japanese. Really curious
  4. Marina
    17.04.2019 19:12
    Thanks for the development - great!
  5. Alex2601
    17.04.2019 18:38
    Maybe in the footsteps of Basilion will go in the sense of adding languages ​​after a certain period of time!
    1. udimka
      23.04.2019 13:43
      I think we have a future top
      1. 4difeer666
        23.04.2019 17:57
        I would like very much, but the last 3 weeks are very sad, and most importantly, not profitable!
    2. Marina
      24.04.2019 09:04
      The project has every chance of success!
  6. fenix55
    17.04.2019 02:26
    the Japanese also play such "games" smirk
    1. udimka
      23.04.2019 13:43
      I do not know whether they are playing or not, but it would be interesting to know for sure)
    2. Marina
      24.04.2019 09:05
      I think everywhere there are fans of HYIP.
      1. 4difeer666
        24.04.2019 23:42
        Well, everywhere there are people who do not sit only in social networks.