- Bizzilion User Security.

Dear partners! We urge you to be vigilant, because due to the high popularity of the company, fraud cases in the Telegram messenger using the name Bizzilion have become frequent. Attackers make mailings from fake accounts and offer to invest in the platform, providing third-party account information for transmission.

In order to avoid undesirable situations, we remind you that all financial transactions should be made only through the site. If you have any doubts and questions, you can always clarify the information you are interested in by contacting the company's support service.

Bizzilion wishes you a productive work and only a positive experience!

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  1. Alex2601
    08.04.2019 19:01
    Safety first!
  2. 4difeer666
    08.04.2019 15:06
    It is very important, especially now they are calling for nicknames, and meaningless messages in the mail appear
  3. Marina
    08.04.2019 08:27
    Despite some unscrupulous investors who wanted to flood the project (infa with mmgp), the project continues to confidently move forward, the admin here is just a master of his craft!
    1. fenix55
      08.04.2019 10:08
      the project is top, let's hope will give us all to earn