- Raising limits on cat seeds.

Dear investors!

Today increased limits on Kota Seeds

Now available for purchase + 10 characters, the yield of which + 20% for 20 days.

We remind you that tonight the possibility of buying a character with increased profitability Zakhar and Nessi will be closed. Hurry up to purchase.

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  1. Marina
    11.04.2019 08:30
    Well done, as always, everything is colorful, beautiful and interesting.
  2. Nik888
    09.04.2019 16:09
    Thanks for the information.
  3. Alex2601
    08.04.2019 18:59
    Bidding goes like a good market!
  4. 4difeer666
    08.04.2019 15:05
    I like such characters, fast, profitable, everything you need
    1. Nik888
      09.04.2019 16:08
      Only there is one BUT, all profits go only to purchases.
      1. Marina
        11.04.2019 08:31
        This is a very good marketing move, the ticket office will be more whole.
      2. 4difeer666
        11.04.2019 13:46
        And sometimes it's even better to buy them, a quick profit, and then buy something more expensive or more
        1. Nik888
          13.04.2019 00:50
          Such characters are better to buy at the beginning of the game.
  5. fenix55
    08.04.2019 10:08
    the project as always pleases us with positive news blush