- Raising limits on Mikhalych. - Raising limits on Mikhalych.

Dear users, today we have expanded the functionality for increasing funds. "

Added new section "Bank"

In our Bank, you can open a deposit and do not bathe about anything. The advantage of the deposit from the purchase of fishermen is that you do not need to go every day and collect the catch, while you will not spoil anything. You may not go for weeks, but in order to receive accruals on the deposit you just have to pay a visit to the Bank, and the money will go to your balance.

Choose a tariff, make a deposit and get daily accruals! You can create no more than a 1 deposit for each investment plan.

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Комментарии (4)

  1. Nik888 31 March 2019 14: 00

    Thanks for good news.
    A complaint
  2. MrFox 29 March 2019 22: 14

    The project definitely pleases - every day almost any news comes out - the admin is just great!
    A complaint
  3. Marina 29 March 2019 22: 06

    Interesting and profitable news, good project!
    A complaint
  4. Alex2601 28 March 2019 19: 23

    If I go to reinvest more, I’ll put it into the bank, otherwise I’ve lost 10% many times, didn’t log in, for several days!
    A complaint