- New character Selezen Arkasha. - New character Selezen Arkasha.

Dear investors!

Starting today, you have the opportunity to buy a new unique character Arkasha. The cost of which is 222 rubles, the yield of 135% for 35 days.

Arkasha's drake works only in a pair with Mykhalych, each purchased Rybak Mikhalych offers the opportunity to buy one Arkasha's Drake. To open up the possibility of buying Arkashi, Mikhalych must be purchased from you starting with 24.03.19. Characters that were bought earlier do not go to the test !.

Good luck!

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Комментарии (7)

  1. Nik888 28 March 2019 15: 37

    Thanks for the news with a great character.
    A complaint
  2. Marina 27 March 2019 22: 59

    Well done - the project pleases with fresh news
    A complaint
  3. fenix55 27 March 2019 09: 19

    Recently, the project has been actively developing. news comes out every day. it's not always good
    A complaint
    1. Alex2601 27 March 2019 18: 51

      Yes, but it seems to me that throughout his entire work he releases some news, updates about the same .........
      A complaint
    2. Nik888 28 March 2019 15: 36

      All news according to the schedule go, it would be suspicious if they were not.
      A complaint
      1. MrFox 29 March 2019 22: 17

        The admin team works great, I don’t remember such richness in any project.
        A complaint
        1. Nik888 31 March 2019 13: 59

          I fully agree that there would be more such games with such an administration.
          A complaint