- Raising limits on Mikhalych. - Raising limits on Mikhalych.

Dear customers!

Today you can buy more 5-x fishermen Mikhalych, each of which will bring + 20% for 40 work days.

By the way, 26.03 to buy a new character will need to have a freshly bought Mihalych (i.e., you can already buy the Mihalychey team and the 26 numbers now you will have access to a new character with excellent return).

Good luck!

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Комментарии (5)

  1. Nik888 28 March 2019 15: 33

    Thanks for the news.
    A complaint
  2. fenix55 27 March 2019 09: 20

    bought a fine
    A complaint
  3. Alex2601 26 March 2019 13: 54

    The main thing is that the fish do not get enough and do not stop pecking from so many fishermen!
    A complaint
    1. Nik888 28 March 2019 15: 31

      and that would not be rotten
      A complaint
  4. Marina 25 March 2019 21: 09

    everything is just as good here - the project is just an energizer)))
    A complaint