- Raising limits on Alexander Rybak. - Raising limits on Alexander Rybak.

Dear participants of the project!

From today it is possible to purchase 4x Alexandrov Rybakov. Fish does not happen much, the more Rybakov.

Let's open a little secret, 20.03. To buy a new character, you will need to have a freshly bought Alexander Rybak (that is, you can already buy Alexander Rybak and 20 numbers right now, you will have a new character with a good yield). Good luck!

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Комментарии (3)

  1. Marina 22 March 2019 12: 54

    And I regret that I went into it instead of other games that were nipped. Now it makes no sense to risk.
    A complaint
  2. fenix55 19 March 2019 03: 32

    The project is developing, let's hope it will work more. slowly approaching the breakeven. I plan to continue to throw
    A complaint
    1. Alex2601 19 March 2019 19: 43

      He also went through several laps, decided to re-list the same deposit to the end, let's see what happens!
      A complaint