MFO.Capital - CONTEST! Earn 10 $ at MFO Capital.

You need to leave comments under the first 5 posts in our VKontakte group.

Only those participants who will leave a variety of comments under all 5 posts will be counted. The most creative will get three prizes for 10 $ on your deposit. The following three members will receive by 5 $ on deposit.

Everybody participates, regardless of whether there is a deposit in or not.

Results will be announced tomorrow, the list of winners will be published on the channel

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  1. Marina
    01.03.2019 15:14
    won 10 $ on deposit in the competition. blush
    1. Alex2601
      03.03.2019 18:48
      Happy for you, congratulations!
  2. Marina
    27.02.2019 14:41
    contests we love - do not feed us bread)) Already left comments. Thanks for the contest! Good design.
    1. udimka
      01.03.2019 02:48
      Let's see how it comes, then we can talk.
      1. 4difeer666
        01.03.2019 16:13
        Agreed, it is too early to allocate something.
        1. Marina
          01.03.2019 16:44
          With these scams lately, it's hard to predict how anyone will work.
          1. 4difeer666
            01.03.2019 16:46
            Yes, and do not need to guess, just drop out in small amounts