Economic game game Golden Tea. How to withdraw and really make money?

Welcome, dear readers of our blog! Today we would like to consider in detail the economic game with the withdrawal of real money Golden Tea. The official domain of the site -  (there are also mirrors in the .me and .cc zones). According to the assurances of the creators, their project is an online browser game with the ability to earn money. Golden Tia game has been working for about 3 years. During this time, great popularity and fame on the Internet was obtained. You can find tons of inviting videos and articles praising the site in every way. But what is the game of Golden Tia really: another cheating of people for money or a really worthwhile method of easy money? The most honest review for you is the Internet investment blog!

Golden Tea how to play?

Golden Tea offers income from tea plantations: you buy a tea bush, collect leaves from it and sell it. The system gives each new user a gift: 10 coins to buy the first bush. Coins - game currency, the rate of which is 000 coins = 100 ruble.

It would seem that there is nothing difficult in this: collect leaves for yourself whenever you want, sell automatically and be covered in chocolate! But in fact, everything is not so simple :) Golden Tia offers its players to buy three types of tea bushes with different prices: from 100 to 10 rubles.

The smallest bush brings its owner 100 leaves per hour. When selling, the rate of 20 leaves = 1 coin is taken into account. 50% of the proceeds from the leaves of coins are sent to the account for purchases, and other 50% for withdrawal. Now we will calculate the accrual for 1 hour from the cheapest bush: 100 leaves are equal to 5 coins. Only 2.5 coins will be available for withdrawal (the remaining 2.5 coins will be sent to the account for purchases). Remember that 100 coins are 1 ruble. So 2.5 coins are equal to 0.025 rubles or 2.5 pennies. For 24 hours 0.6 rub will be credited. For the month 18 rubles. In total, in order to recapture your investment in 100 rubles you need 100 / 18 = 5.5 months. The more expensive the bush, the faster the payback. You can make further calculations yourself. But one conclusion: wait for the return of their investment is not really long!

Golden Tia conclusion: how to get back earned?

Finally, you figured out the features of the game golden tea. Now it's time to make the first conclusion. The truth here comes the first snag :) A person who played without recharges can withdraw only 1 ruble. To unlock the output, you need to replenish your account with 100 rubles.

After replenishment you will be available 9 output methods. Most popular: Payeer, AdvCash, Yandex. Money and Webmoney. Also, before ordering the payment you will have to confirm your phone number.

What is the deception of the game golden tya?

Does golden ty pay? Yes, it pays. But the probability of a complete withdrawal of your deposits is zero! Why? There is a so-called golden type energy, which implies the possibility of withdrawing your funds.

Golden Tia Energy restricts users to receive e-wallet charges. Differently, energy is called points or cash points. In this game, you need to be extra active in attracting partners (referrals) in order to score enough points for withdrawal. Otherwise, you will not be able to fully get back all the deposit. The economic game golden tea - cheating! Therefore, it is not worth playing it. In combination with points and low payback, you have every chance not to return the investment!

How can I make money on the Internet?

On the Internet there are many methods of earnings. One of the most profitable and popular is investing in HYIPs. HYIPs are highly profitable investment funds that distribute cash flows between participants, providing declared interest.

There are many similar projects. Our blog contains only the best and high-quality representatives of HYIPs, which you can see in the section “monitoring». In the HYIP, you are not led by imaginary profit; all conditions are fulfilled only within the framework of marketing. Your task is to select a good project, make a contribution in time and display your dividends. And this will help you and blog We carry out continuous monitoring of placed funds, investing personal funds and publishing these statements. Besides We pay fat bonuses and insurance that will make your acquaintance with HYIPs as safe as possible! Read more about this in the section “about us».

Invest successfully with us! Sincerely, Your!

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  1. Misterslayer
    24.05.2019 02:31
    By the way, here is a small report: for the time since the last comment, I brought out another 234, today the conclusion came to 7, I already have this kind of money once a week. BEST PROJECT!
  2. Misterslayer
    21.01.2019 00:22
    The game is just 10 / 10 !!! I brought about the 70 thousand rubles for two months, doing almost nothing. The only thing that managed to find a cool referral, who constantly plays and does not want to stop)

    If any problems arise - just knock on the support. They respond quickly, solve all problems. My friends complained that the phone could not be confirmed: you write to the support service and all are manually hammered)
  3. evkonti
    03.01.2019 18:25
    Cool Economic Game I tell you! I have a post about her on my technical blog for a long time and on YouTube copyright video. Refs, too, the whole army already. And the most pleasant thing is that I have a VIP account and a long time ago passive income!
    Long-term project and very profitable if you build yourself a structure.
    But ... be there more careful. Periodically check the data of your personal profile. I have a lot of money on this site one day I took away! Acc was not hacked, but money was constantly SOMETHING to Payeer!
    While I was there, the admin did not arrange the scandal, thieves did not stop ... What do you think of whose hands this thing ?! .. I personally guess who my money was .. :-)
    1. LegenDa
      05.02.2019 07:59
      Very interested, I will definitely see this game. And who tyril money?
    2. Misterslayer
      10.04.2019 21:25
      By the way, yes, it was also like that, they were taken to Peyer, starting with 55 ***. I wrote to the support, said that I was hacked and I need to change the password and use 2FA. Yes. here, apparently, my cant that did not immediately use this confirmation. Turned on - after that no problems have ever arisen. Therefore, in order to protect yourself, immediately turn on this Google protection. Successes!
  4. Asmadai
    31.12.2018 17:40
    Everything was described in a cool way, ehh, I would like as many people as possible to know about your blog, read your wonderful articles and learn something, and then they are looking for money on the Internet, stumble upon such a deception and don’t try anything else, telling everyone that the Internet does not make money, but it’s quite real!