Binary option what is it? Earnings on binary options

Binary option what is it? Earnings on binary options

Today, probably, every person has already heard the word “binary option”, but few people understand what is it all the same? We have prepared for you a video clip and a short article on binary options.

The concept of a binary option

Let's see what a binary option is.

Binary option - This is one of the varieties of the exchange contract, which is used to make a profit on the price movements of assets (currencies, stocks, goods) in world financial markets. The buyer at the time of the acquisition of a binary option makes a prediction how to change the price of its asset. This financial instrument has a fixed value, known in advance by the expiration of the contract and the amount of potential profit.

Benefits of a binary option

What are the advantages of this asset?

First, the trader did not initially need a great knowledge in the field of investment. It is enough to change the value of the price. Secondly, the investor, during the change of value, knows and understands all possible risks of losing money and making a profit. At the same time, he receives the greatest benefit. And finally, in the event of a threat, the investor will suffer minimal losses, and in a better situation, he will receive a good profit.

If you understand that binary options are a high-risk financial instrument, then you should understand the advantages of binary options and should be even more interested in them.


Option - it is a derivative (a derivative financial instrument based on that underlying asset. It can be oil, Bitcoin, the dollar / euro or ruble exchange rate, or one of hundreds of other assets).

Option contract - This is a form of transaction, which implies that one of the parties has the right (but not the obligation) to perform a certain action.

In the case of an option, sell (if the option is "Put") or buy (if the option "Kol") lot after a certain time at a fixed price. And here everything is extremely simple. If you buy an option, then you assign the time of its execution, as well as the direction of price movement. Since there are only two directions of movement (up and down), the option is called binary.

Instead of a conclusion

In the beginning, we wrote to you about the benefits of binary options, but these are not all the advantages of this tool:

  • Trading 24 / 7;
  • Intuitive operation;
  • High chance to get income;
  • Easy to start for a newbie;
  • Ability to start with minimal investment.

We hope that the video and article was useful for you and you have learned something new about binary options.

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  1. 7 September 2021 08: 45
    Thank you for the article
  2. 12 February 2021 10: 05
    Thanks for the article, I remember myself once tried to make money on binary options, but the fact is that no matter how simple it may seem, you still need to understand the pair in which you are trading, + you need to understand that many newbies try binary options, I play on 1 minute and then drained. Therefore, of course, you can make money on them, but certain knowledge is also needed.
  3. 12 February 2021 08: 27
    Thanks for the article, you need to learn this and devote a lot of time
  4. 14 December 2020 08: 39
    In the casino, the same binary option, red-black, with the same success can be merged there ...
    1. 14 December 2020 09: 02
      Yes, you are right, the user is being dragged with excitement and he is losing money!
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    informative article thanks didn’t know much
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    Whoever merges whoever earns non-feeble money on options, there are familiar people who earn by attracting new users there, and they make profit on referral deductions!
  9. 12 November 2019 07: 50
    To make money on binary options, you need to study and know for a long time and hard.
    1. What are Japanese candles and how to trade on them.
    2. Know the technical analysis.
    3. It is clear to yourself by what signs it is possible to determine whether the broker withdraws transactions to the interbank or not.
    4. Explore many indicators and choose the best.
    So and only this way you can successfully trade on options.
    1. April 15 2021 21: 08
      How difficult and risky everything is, it is better not to start
  10. 3 May 2019 13: 58
    Yes, I remember, merged 50 $)
  11. 5 February 2019 07: 58
    Thank you for the article. We need to understand in more detail, although there is a lot of negativity about this on the net.
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    I tried once. If it was 100 $
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    After I was in binary options in 2012, I merged my 100 euros more into this scam with my foot!
    And I do not advise you !!! This is practically the same as online casinos!
  14. 31 December 2018 17: 44
    Hmm, for some reason I used to think that binary options is a hoax and there is nothing to earn, thanks for the review