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Review and feedback on the project MathCCY

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The project stopped payments (scam 16.05.2018). The actual amount of the fund - $ 300

About the project MathCCY

Welcome, dear partners! Investment Project Monitoring has prepared a project review for you MathCCYwhich started 3 in May 2018. We will also leave our subjective opinion regarding the project.

MathCCY - a new highly profitable HYIP project, which, according to legend, is engaged in trading. As for the legend, they did not bother much. Written just a couple of sentences.

Description on the site

Math Currencies Limited was founded by traditional traders in the market. Our goals and priorities are to ensure maximum return for our investors and the further development of our trading algorithms and adapt to the evolving pace of the market. Our approach is aimed at creating a reputation that will attract new users and help us become a better investment platform and maintain excellent long-term results.

The project is protected by insurance against losses; $ 300

You can also order refback in size 3.5% from your contribution. To order a refback, go to the page: order refback by HYIP and fill out the form.

Briefly about the main characteristics

We provide you with brief characteristics of the project, which you can view on our monitoring.: Link.

  • Start of the project - 03.05.2018;
  • Type of project - highly profitable;
  • Minimum deposit - from $ 10;
  • The minimum output is $ 1;
  • Income - fixed, from 7% per day / 110% after 10 days;
  • Deposit term - from 10 days to 20 days;
  • Payments - Manual;
  • I / O commission - 0%;
  • Language versions of the site - English;
  • Payment systems - Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin;
  • Partner program - three-level 7% - 3% - 1%.

Marketing Project MathCCY

MathCCY offers to operate the 2 tariff plan. We do not consider the third tariff plan 9% for 20 days, because there is an infinitely high minimum deposit amount.

Tariff plan "7% Daily for 20 days"

Tariff plan "7% Daily for 20 days" we recognize as the only current tariff plan for which you can participate in the project. 7% per day is quite a trend percentage, which has repeatedly shown excellent results.

  • Percentage yield: 7% per day;
  • Accrual of interest: calendar days;
  • Term of the deposit: 20 days;
  • Deposit Amount: 10 $ to 10 000 $;
  • Return of deposit: Included in the charges;
  • Overall yield: 140%;
  • Net profit: 40%;

Tariff plan "110% after 10 days"

There is no point in talking about this tariff plan, since consider it a "test". He simply does not need this kind of project.

  • Percentage yield: 10% for the term;
  • Accrual of interest: at the end of the term;
  • Term of the deposit: 10 days;
  • Deposit Amount: from 10 $;
  • Return of deposit: at the end of the term;
  • Overall yield: 110%;
  • Net profit: 10%;

Registration in the project MathCCY

To start investing in a project MathCCY, First of all, it is necessary to register. On the main page of the site in the upper right corner go to the tab «Register».

Then you need to fill out a small registration form. Enter your full name, your login, email and password. Make sure that you have our RichMonkeyBiz username in the string “Reffered By” invited. Be sure to agree with the rules and click on the "Register Account" button.

Deposit and creation of a deposit in MathCCY

In order to create a deposit in the project MathCCY you need to go to your personal account. First of all, make sure that you fill out payment details. Click on the “Edit Profile” tab.

Fill out the payment details. Do not forget to click on the "Update" button.

After that, go to the "New Deposit" tab.

Then, select the tariff plan, enter the amount of the investment, which is converted in Bitcoins, select the payment system and click on the "Proceed" button.

The project works with such payment systems:


Our contribution: 200 $


Partner program in the project MathCCY three-tier:

  • 1 level 7%
  • 2 level 3%
  • 3 level 1%

There is an opportunity to improve the affiliate program by becoming a representative MathCCY:

  • 1 level 10%
  • 2 level 4%
  • 3 level 1%

Opinion about the project MathCCY

MathCCY - a highly profitable project that does not attract with its design and good preparation, but at the same time it has the current tariff plan 7% per day for 20 days with an available minimum entry threshold, as well as a minimum withdrawal amount. The project started quite recently (03.05.2018) and the chances of getting a good profit are quite high. With our 300 $ insurance, investing in will be even safer.

What do we have in the project?

Marketing is a three tariff plan, but in fact two, because one has a huge minimum amount of entry; three-level affiliate program with income 7% - 3% - 1%; there is an opportunity to improve the affiliate program to 10% - 4% - 1%; official company registration documents; There are running payment systems + cryptocurrencies; website interface is available in English.

Positive points:

  • There are running payment systems + cryptocurrencies;
  • Official company registration documents;
  • There is an opportunity to improve the affiliate program;

This concludes our review of the project. If you are interested in the project, then click on the “Invest” button and order a refback from us in the amount of 3.5% of your deposit.

Invest successfully and profitably with We wish you all a profit.

The project stopped payments (scam 16.05.2018). The actual amount of the fund - $ 300

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