Hello! We are glad to inform you that starting since 1 th of May on our blog, a contest starts on a permanent basis - promotion of active users every month for comments under articles, reviews and projects.


Conduct a boisterous activity on the blog, asking your own questions or answering questions from other users. Leave comments under almost any entries (see contest terms). Publish received bonuses, your deposits and payments. Simply put - be active, communicate! And the more will be your comments, the closer the win!


  • All registered blog users take part in the contest (if you do not mind, please put an avatar on your profile in your account).
  • Useful comments will be counted, not flood (an example of a bad message: "I was told that Bitcoin will collapse tomorrow" or "We in Perm have great weather today").
  • It is forbidden to discuss third-party projects that are not on the blog.
  • It is forbidden to publish other links to various blogs, social networks, forums and more.

Positive points:

  • Twice a month You have a chance to get a certain amount of money. And it all depends not on the case, but on you. The more you communicate, the more chances to win!
  • Your comments will be useful at least for beginners, and perhaps you yourself will learn something new.
  • Thanks to you blog will become more active.


  1. a place - $25
  2. a place - $20
  3. a place - $15
  4. a place - $10
  5. a place - 5$
  6. a place - 1$
  7. a place - 1$
  8. a place - 1$
  9. a place - 1$
  10. a place - 1$

Determination of winners:

Every 1-th and 16-th day of the month we will summarize the results of your activities. The more useful messages left, the more likely it is that you will receive a cash prize! Winners will be published on our information channel in Telegram, in a group In contact with and in this article. Prizes are paid to wallets within 24 hours from the moment you receive payment details from you. Dare and do not miss the opportunity to increase your capital!

We wish you all a successful investment and profit!

PS There is no need to unsubscribe about refback payments and compensations, this is the topic of the contest.
We will be grateful if the winners will post screenshots of receiving money for their wallets.


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    HyipMoney user
    Hyipmoney 02-Jun, 22:13

    ✅ PAYING Quopi Transactions details: +3.41 USDT Transfer account:..

    HyipMoney user
    Hyipmoney 02-Jun, 20:25

    ✅ PAYING Autorius Date: 02/06/2023 at 16:14 Transactions details: +3.47 USD Transfer..

    Mihhha user
    Mihhha 02-Jun, 18:46

    Got paid..

    User 4difeer666
    4difeer666 02-Jun, 14:39

    Payout(instant): USDT BSC (BEP20) 5.15 Completed 2023-06-02 15:36:49Details ..

    User 4difeer666
    4difeer666 02-Jun, 14:37

    Payout(instant): USDT TRC20 4 Completed 2023-06-02 15:35:26Details ..

    User UdayAS8
    UdayAS8 02-Jun, 13:13

    yesterday's percentage is 2% and Today's is 3.5% which is good to be honest..