How to use investor panel for automatic accounting of investments?

Everyone knows how important it is to keep track of your investments. After all, money loves an account, doesn't it? That is why it is important to correctly maintain your statistics, do not forget to order payments on time and receive bonuses from our blog. Many investors, both beginners and more experienced ones, conduct their calculations in special exel, word tables or in simple notebooks. This is a rather long and laborious process, since you need to enter all the data about the project yourself. Can you imagine how great it would be to automate this process? This is exactly what we did! 

Finally, we can provide our partners with automated investor panelwhich is available to everyone in your account. Thanks to the panel, you can most conveniently and without large time expenditures keep your statistics on deposits, as well as receive reminders about the need to order payments from the project!

How to keep statistics on a deposit in a specific project?

In order to add a project to the investment portfolio, you need to click on the "add" button:

Then a pop-up window will appear with all the necessary parameters. Choose the name of the HYIP, the tariff plan, the date and amount of the deposit. And that's it!

Your statistics will already be automatically maintained by the system.

Also for the investors panel users, we have made another cool option! In order for you not to forget to order your payments, you will receive an alert by mail or telegram! This is a very nice feature that can be called a real know-how of our blog. For many, investing in HYIPs is a pleasant hobby that brings adrenaline and income. Due to being busy or distracted, many people sometimes forget to order payments from projects on time, which leads to an increase in investment risks. Now this problem has been solved: I received a notification by mail or telegram, know - it's time to withdraw your hard-earned money! That is why, when you enter the date of the deposit, it is very important to indicate the exact time of its creation.

How to keep statistics on a project that is not on the blog?

You can also use the investor panel to record statistics for a project that is not posted on our blog. To do this, when adding a project, simply click on the “add” button under the drop-down list. 

After that, you will be prompted to enter the name of the HYIP and its link, as well as the main currency.

Having filled in the data, boldly click on the "add project" button. Then we enter the conditions of the tariff plan for which the deposit was made.

After completing the procedure, close the pop-up window. Go back to the tab “add project”, now in the drop-down list with all the HYIPs in the column “Your projects” the added project has appeared. Now it remains only to enter the amount of your deposit, the date and time of the deposit. The system of adding new projects is very flexible: you can change the main characteristics of the tariff plans at any time. Everything is elementary simple and as convenient as possible! :)

How to receive notifications about charges via Telegram or E-mail?

To subscribe to notifications through Telegram or E-mailneed to go to cabinet.

Choose Edit profile

Specify your login Telegram and click Renew subscription.

What functions are laid in the investor panel for working with statistics?

Based on the specified parameters of the tariff plans and the date of the deposit, the system itself considers the total amount of the funds already accrued, as well as the remaining amount for withdrawal. In the "withdrawn" column you will be able to independently enter the amount of the withdrawn charges. This is convenient, because you can add a deposit bonus to this box. As a result, you get an accurate and maximum automatic calculation of investments.

In addition, you can always edit any data, delete a project from your portfolio, or add it to the “archive”. What is the archive for? In it, you will be able to store data on projects that have slipped or from which you came out with a profit.


As you can see, the investor panel is a very convenient tool for keeping your statistics. Now you don’t have to suffer with various exel or notepads - using our system, you can start accounting for a deposit in a certain project in a couple of clicks. Also, so that you do not forget to withdraw from the HYIP, we have provided an interesting notification function for your contacts. Now, forgetting to pick up your accrual will become even more difficult :) There are no more nuances of using the investors panel. Everything is very easy, and most importantly brought to automatism.

Use all the functions of our blog and be in profit! Leave your comments and suggestions on how to change the investor panel in this news. All comments will be considered for future improvements :)

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